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Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences Application Requirements for MS.c (Thesis) Programs

  • Applications for master programs are evaluated by the respective Admission Jury along with individual program entries. Admission is finalized by the approval of the related Graduate School Board upon the recommendation of the Jury and announced to the applicants.
  • Applicants may be called for written exams and interviews. All written exams and interviews are held in English.
  • Periods for application are announced in Academic Calendar.
  • Applications by international applicants studying abroad are valid only after the approval and recognition of the last graduated higher education institution and the course of study by the Turkish Higher Education Council. Verification will be done by the University.
  • Turkish candidates graduated from a higher institution abroad should submit a certificate of equivalence by the Turkish Higher Education Council.


Online Application Form

Print-out of Completed Application Form should be added to the Application Package.


Official Transcript

Sealed and taken from Student Resources/Affairs of the applicant's university indicating the courses and grades taken.


Statement of Purpose

A summary of the candidate's reason for applying to the program, their program and career objectives, motives and expectations.


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Candidates must submit an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (resume).


Two Letters of Recomendation

These should be either submitted online or posted in a sealed envelope. Sample letter

After you complete your online application, an email will be send automatically to your recommenders which you enter to Recommenders part. Recomenders can click the link to write the recommendation letters or give letters in a closed envelope signed and stamped.


Graduate Program Entrance Exam Results


Numerical Min. Score 65


Quantitative Min. Score 153


Accumulative Percentile %60 (for international students)

Graduate Program Entrance Exam Results must have been taken no more than: ALES, GRE 5 years and GAT 2 years.


English Proficiency Exam Results


IBT: Min. Score 80




Min. Score 67
PTE Min. Score 69

Min. B

CPE Min. C

After the test date, TOEFL, PTE scores are valid for 2 years, CAE and CPE score are valid for 3 years and e-YDS, YDS scores are valid for 5 years.


Degree Requirements

- Candidates are required to have completed their previous studies by the time of enrollment at Sabancı University.

- Candidates applying for Master's Programs must hold an undergraduate degree or be registered in the last term of an undergraduate program.

(*) Candidates are required to submit their English proficiency exam scores (TOEFL IBT, YÖKDİL, e-YDS, YDS, PTE Academic, CAE or CPE) during the application. It is required that applicants who meet all application requirements but are unable to provide a valid English Proficiency Exam score, to take the Sabancı University English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE), following the application deadline, and to obtain a satisfactory grade.Those candidates who fail to attend or get a satisfactory grade in the ELAE exam are obliged to attend and successfully complete the English Language Preparation course(s) in order to enroll in a graduate program. Scholarships do not apply to the English Language Preparation courses.

Graduates of Sabancı University are exempt from submitting an English Proficiency Exam score provided that they apply within two years of their graduation. The period between graduation date from the previous program and registration date to the new program should be maximum 2 years.

If you submit TOEFL IBT, PTE Academic, CAE or CPE scores and take these exams in Turkey, the exam center must be a state university building. ( According to Article 6.3.d of Instruction letter for Foreign Language Exam Equivalencies issued by the Centre for Selection and Placement of Students)

Application Address:

Applicants need to upload their documents on the online system. They are also required to submit their application packages either in person or post them by mail to the Department of Student Resources. Please note that print-out of the completed application form should also be added to the application package. The packages sent via mail must arrive at the department by the application deadline. Applications sent via e-mail are not accepted.

All application documents become property of Sabancı University. It is suggested to keep the original reports of TOEFL, GRE and ALES scores, and apply with the copies of those test scores; but transcript must be original for application. Please note that the originals of other documents and an up to date transcript must be submitted at the time of registration to Sabancı University.

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