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For Students

Students at all levels from undergraduate to postdoctorate take active part in the teaching and research activities at Sabancı University. In addition to the research activities undertaken by students as part of their undergraduate course requirements, we encourage them to take part in research that targets real-life issues through programs like Industry-Oriented Projects and PURE. This helps students gain a better understanding of life outside school before pursuing their professional or academic interests. Many students find employment opportunities in the industrial companies or research institutions for which they completed projects as a student.

One of the cornerstones of research is graduate programs and students, who play a significant part in improving the research capacity of the university. The Research and Graduate Policy Directorate (RGP) contributes to determining the number of graduate students and the level of scholarships available to them, and manages the Graduate Policy process.

Sabancı University offers various forms of support to undergraduate and graduate students in education and research.