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Frequently Asked General Questions

Regulations and instruction letters stating Sabancı University practices are published on the official website of Sabancı University ( and on the internal website (, which is used by Sabancı University students and other members within the scope of their authority. Students and university employees are obliged to comply with these regulations. It is the student's responsibility to follow the relevant regulations and instruction letters.
After logging into the system, our students can access all legislation here.

Your student number will be sent in an SMS to your mobile phone and in an e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided to ÖSYM.

Enrollment dates and steps required for enrollment to be valid are listed below: 

Obtain your e-government password and complete your e-enrollment process via the e-government system between 28 and 30 August 2023.
(You can perform e-enrollment by clicking on the "University E-Enrollment" option, which will be opened from the "Presidency of the Council of Higher Education" link in the "e-services" section of the website You can also log into the e-government website via Internet Banking, in which there is an option to log in to the e-government system.)
Your student number will be sent to you via SMS and e-mail by our university. Create your username and password at "", which you can also access on our external website by using your student number. Enter the Student Information System ( with your username and password, upload the documents required for enrollment online (high school diploma) and fill out the Student Information Form. Please pay your tuition fee between 28 and 31 August 2023.

E-government password can be obtained by applying in person to PTT Central Directorates or authorized branches within the country by presenting a photo ID (identity card, passport or driver's license) with the Turkish Republic ID number. There is also the option of logging into the e-government system via Internet Banking.

You do not need to come to the university for the enrollment process.

Documents are expected to be uploaded online.
Photo (passport size, color, white background, taken within the last 6 months)
Copy of high school diploma
Hard-copy documents are not required.

You must pay your tuition fee between 28 and 31 August 2023. Students who do not make their payments within the specified dates will not be enrolled. You can pay your tuition fee at any branch of Akbank or via Akbank mobile banking. Payments are collected in TL through Akbank, direct payments to our University are not accepted. Every payment you make will be automatically transferred to the University, and you will not need to submit an account document for tuition fee payments.

English Language Assessment Exam will be held face to face on Monday, September 04, 2023. You can find detailed information about the exam on our website.
Detailed information about the English Language Assessment Exam can be accessed from the link below.

Enrollment is not possible with incomplete documents. In order to complete your enrollment process, enrollment documents must be uploaded online on the enrollment dates.

If you do not enroll between the specified enrollment dates, you will be deemed to have given up your enrollment right.

Student ID cards will be printed with the photo uploaded to the Student Information System without filling out any forms and will be distributed by the Security Unit starting from the Orientation Days.

Dormitory applications are made online. You can access the dormitory application and fee information at

Health-related documents are not enrollment documents. After obtaining the documents, you can send them to the Health Center by e-mail.

You can make your document requests (such as Student Certificate, Transcript, Language of Education Certificate) by using the online Document Request Form on our Student Resources Web Site.

Scholarships earned at our university due to success at placement continue uninterruptedly throughout the normal education period, regardless of academic success, and cannot be extended. The scholarship period is 5 academic years (10 semesters) for students who start their education from the Preparatory School (FDY), and 4 academic years (8 semesters) for students who start their undergraduate education directly.

In the event that undergraduate students who will enroll in our University with or without a scholarship on the date they are accepted to our University through ÖSYM, submit a notification documenting that they meet the criteria specified for the different diplomas specified below during the first enrollment period (except for those with full scholarship), a “Diploma Contribution Scholarship” will be awarded. Within the scope of the Diploma Contribution Scholarship, an additional 10% tuition fee exemption is provided. The diploma types and criteria that will secure exemption are as follows: IB diploma grade of 34 and above, ABITUR diploma grade of 2 and below, MATURA diploma grade of 2 and below, MATURITA diploma grade of 80 and above, and SAT exam score of 1410 and above in addition to ranking in the top 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) in the YKS success ranking.

In addition to the scholarships awarded through the university entrance exam, scholarships given to students who continue their education are evaluated every year by the University Administration and Scholarship Committee and new quotas, scope, conditions and numbers are determined. At the end of each academic year, various scholarship opportunities are offered to students who have achieved the specified level of success. You can find information about the scholarship conditions and evaluations during your education here.

Scholarships of students participating in a double major program at Sabancı University can continue for 1 more year in addition to their normal education period (English Preparatory Education + 4 Years Undergraduate Education). In order for the students to continue their scholarship within the additional period, they must have earned the right to graduate from their major program.

In the Double Major Program, students do not pay any extra fee for the second major.

The grade point average required for the Major program is 3.20 on a scale of 4.00.

As of the beginning of the period in which the evaluation will be made, a student must be at the beginning of the third term at the earliest and at the beginning of the fifth term at the latest.

It is required to be successful in all courses taken until the evaluation period, including summer terms. For repeated courses, the letter grade of the course taken in the last semester will be valid.

The normal education period in the Foundations Development Year (English Preparatory Class) is 1 academic year, and in Undergraduate programs, the normal education period is 4 academic years.
The maximum education period in the Foundations Development Year (English Preparatory Class) is 2 academic years, and the maximum education period allowed to complete an undergraduate program is seven academic years, excluding optional summer periods (in calculating the maximum duration, previous education periods will not be taken into account and the maximum education period is calculated as of the 2014-2015 academic year).

You can choose the diploma program you want within the faculty you are enrolled in at Sabancı University, without any restrictions or prerequisites. If you want to choose a program in a faculty other than the one you have entered and if you declare a program with a different score type until your 4th semester, it is sufficient that your central placement score is not less than the lowest base score among the departments of all other universities in the country equivalent to your preferred diploma program. Apart from this, our students who declare diploma programs with different score types in the 5th and subsequent semesters must meet the base score of the Sabancı University program group.

Sabancı University is Turkey's first and only university without departments. The Foundations Development Program forms the infrastructure of our education system. In the first year of the undergraduate program, all students take common courses. In addition, it is a prerequisite for graduation for every student to take part in a civic involvement project. After the first year, students can choose the program they want, regardless of the faculty they attend. Students who have not yet decided on the program by the end of their first year can take the introductory courses of the programs they are considering in their second year, mature their decisions and choose their program at the end of their second year. There is no classical department structure at Sabancı University. Faculty members working in different academic fields continue their academic studies in interaction with each other and in an interdisciplinary structure.

Undergraduate education at Sabancı University is 4 years long. In many reputable universities that do not provide the freedom to choose the diploma program, students take common courses in the first year. The feature of the system at Sabancı University is that these courses are comprehensive and specially designed by faculty members to create an in-depth perspective on nature, science, social events, Turkey and the world. Starting from the second year, students begin to take the courses of the diploma program they wish to choose. In order to graduate from a program, a student must complete all the basic courses of that program. Thanks to the wide elective course pool, students can freely choose courses not only from their own program but also from other programs. Therefore, our system does not cause students to learn incompletely; on the contrary, it enables them to specialize in depth in the field they choose and enrich their education with courses they choose from different disciplines.

There are three faculties at Sabancı University: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Sabancı Business School. There are 11 undergraduate diploma programs under the roof of these three faculties. Additionally, there are minor honors programs in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Business Analytics, Art Theory and Criticism, Gender and Women's Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, Decision and Behavior, Conflict Analysis and Resolution. For more information, see

Exchange programs at our university are divided into two: the Erasmus+ Mobility Program and Bilateral Exchange Programs. Detailed information can be found on the IRO website.
We recommend that our students who want to participate in exchange programs visit the IRO website, which contains important information such as application conditions, evaluation criteria, program countries, course database taken in previous years, grant rules and credit/grade transfer

Transfer to SU undergraduate programs from other institutions can be done in two ways, namely;

I. Transfer provided that the GPA requirement is met
Within the scope of YÖK legislation, candidates who have completed 2 semesters excluding the preparatory class with a GPA of at least 60/100 in an undergraduate program of a university recognized by the YÖK, who are registered as a student at the higher education institution at the time of application and whose student registration has not expired for any reason, can apply for a transfer. Applications for the last two semesters of undergraduate diploma programs are not accepted.

II. Transfer with central placement score
Transfer with central placement score: Candidates whose central placement scores in the year of registration are equal to or higher than the base score in the year they entered another diploma program can apply. Candidates in the preparatory class and senior year can also apply.

In order to graduate from undergraduate programs, students applying for graduation must meet all the conditions specified in the Sabancı University Undergraduate Regulations. (Click here for the Sabancı University Undergraduate Regulation.)
• Having completed at least the last two semesters as a full-time student at Sabancı University.
• Having completed the minimum credits required for the diploma program in which the student is enrolled. (You can access the "Degree Evaluation" forms, where you can easily track the total credits required for graduation from Undergraduate Diploma programs and your graduation, via the Information System.
• General Grade Point Average (GPA)* and Program Average (PGPA)* must be at least 2.00.
Additionally, being successful in the TLL 001(*) course for students who start their education from the Foundations Development Year.
(*) Starting from the 2020-2021 Academic Year, the content of the TLL 001 course has been included in the TLL 101 and TLL 102 courses offered at the undergraduate level, and the course will not be offered as a separate course. For students who entered before the 2020-2021 Academic Year, this obligation will be maintained and the course offering will continue.

At our university, undergraduate students are encouraged to work on a research project starting from their first year. The doors of faculty members and laboratories are always open to students who want to do research.

At Sabancı University, we support our "Students with Special Needs" due to disabilities arising from physical, psychological and chronic illnesses to carry out their academic processes in the most ideal way throughout their university life. While trying to eliminate the difficulties encountered in course selection, classroom and exam processes, we strive to ensure their equal participation in academic, social and cultural environments.

Our university has a special unit that provides career support and consultancy services to our students. The Career Development Office organizes training, seminars and workshops to improve the technical and individual competencies of students and to enable students to get to know the sectors and job opportunities. It brings students together with alumni. It organizes promotional days by inviting reputable universities from abroad for students considering an academic career.

Kampüs güvenliği 7 gün 24 saat kesintisiz hizmet veren özel güvenlik şirketi tarafından sağlanmaktadır. Öğrencilerimiz kampüs içinde karşılaştıkları herhangi bir sorunla ilgili olarak Güvenlik Kontrol Merkezi ACİL Campus security is provided by a private security company that provides uninterrupted service on a 24/7 basis. Our students can get support regarding any problem they encounter on campus by calling the Security Control Center EMERGENCY phone number or creating a ticket.
Security Emergency: (216) 568 7555 - (850) 205 7555 or 5555
For your tickets:

Students who wish to leave the dormitory will be charged the full fee for the months they received accommodation services and the current month, and the remaining months will be refunded in full.

Dormitory rooms are for 2, 3 and 4 people, and the total dormitory capacity is 2942.

There is a wireless Internet network in the dormitories as well as on the entire campus. Fast and high-quality internet access is provided.

Roommate selection can be made in the dormitory application system. In order for students who want to be roommates to be matched by the system, the students must have mutually selected each other as roommates in the system. Otherwise, the system will randomly assign without matching.

Dormitories are for 2, 3 and 4 people. All rooms have an internal telephone line, shower, wardrobes and internet connection. There are study halls and television rooms on each floor of the dormitory buildings. All dormitory buildings have kitchens and laundry rooms with washers and dryers. All areas of the dormitories are cleaned by cleaning staff on certain days of the week. For their needs such as cleaning, maintenance and repair, etc., and get information about these services, students can create a ticket via Suticket or contact the Dormitory Managers and Security Unit on a 24/7 basis.

There is no time limit for entering and exiting the dormitories.

Room change requests will be evaluated 14 days after dormitory placements are completed. As of this date, changes can be made with the mutual approval and knowledge of the dormitory managers and the students who want to change rooms. You can access frequently asked questions about dormitories at

Sabancı University's information technology infrastructure is capable of creating a model for universities. All students are given an email address. Classrooms are equipped with modern technological devices. Wireless internet connection is available everywhere on campus. Most of the courses are available on the Internet. Thanks to special programs, some course notes are published on the internet. Videos of some courses are also published on our university's "YouTube" page. In addition to face-to-face communication, students can communicate with administrative units and faculty members through the internal website. Most communication is done electronically. General announcements are published on our internal website. For questions about information technologies, students can call the information technologies call center at any time.

The Information Center is a large center that houses large collections of books, e-books and multimedia, and has individual study areas and multifunctional group study rooms. In addition to wireless internet connection, the center has 480 internet connection points. There are over 64 thousand periodical subscriptions, especially electronic publications. Our students can access all the publications they need for their assignments and exams here. The center is open seven days a week and serves students with flexible working hours.

Sabancı University has a center that works to prepare students for academic life and facilitate their psychological adaptation to university life called CIAD (Center for Individual and Academic Development). CIAD has many mechanisms that will make it easier for students to adapt to academic life. The Academic Success Monitoring and Counseling Program was created to support students with academic difficulties they may experience. Apart from these, each student has an academic and peer counselor. CIAD also provides psychological counseling and psychotherapy services for our students and staff.

The Health Center, located in the D2 building, is at the service of our students 24 hours a day. A fully equipped ambulance of international standards is also available 24 hours a day. Emergency medicine services, therapeutic medicine services, laboratory, drug supply and preventive medicine services are provided within the Health Center. Our students are insured with private health insurance so that they can continue their social lives and academic studies as healthy individuals.

University shuttle services provide transportation services from the campus to the city and vice versa on specified routes and hours. Shuttles provide transportation to the Kurtköy (metro) line, 4. Levent, Kadıköy, Pendik (İçmeler) and Viaport. The shuttle program is a dynamic table. Occupancy rates on the routes are monitored and revisions are made when necessary. Shuttle programs are available at
IETT public bus services providing transportation to the campus are available at Kartal Metro - Sabancı University IETT bus services are available.

Our students who want to get a Discounted Travel Card (Istanbulkart / Pass) should contact BELBİM Elektronik Para ve Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. Head Office. Contact information:
Phone: 212 468 00 99

Our Sports Center offers our students all the facilities offered by private sports centers in the city, with a main hall, fitness center, squash court, indoor basketball court, table tennis rooms, aerobics halls and a climbing wall. There is also a synthetic football field and a grass football field of international standards. There is a running track around the artificial lake at our university, and students can use the sports facilities free of charge.

You can access information about our sports events by following the Instagram account sabanciunispor. 
You can get support from our sports experts for all your questions and problems regarding all sports events by sending an e-mail to

Announcements about university sports teams are made on the internal web announcement system and sabanciunispor Instagram account.
If you have any questions or problems regarding sports teams, you can get support from our sports experts by sending an e-mail to

On-campus tournaments offer a rich environment in terms of competitions. You can participate in our year-round campus league and sports competitions by forming your own teams or individually.
Announcements of the tournaments are made on the internal web announcement system and on the sabanciunispor Instagram account.

There is no swimming pool at Sabancı University.

In order to establish a student club at Sabancı University, you must first make an appointment with the club managers by sending an e-mail to You can access procedural information about club establishment and management from the "Resources" tab on the website.

You can access student clubs on the website. Membership procedures, club board of directors contact information and all information about active clubs are included on this page.
You can be informed about all club events by following the sabanciuniclubs account, which is the common Instagram account of all clubs.
If you have any questions or problems about the clubs, you can get support from the club officials by sending an e-mail to

At Sabancı University Performing Arts Center (SGM), the largest performance center on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, the most up-to-date theatre, ballet and opera works are exhibited and concerts are held throughout the academic year.
All our students can benefit from the exhibitions at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM), located on the Emirgan campus of our university, free of charge, by showing their university ID cards.
Student clubs organize conferences, seminars, chat meetings, music and theater performances, and educational activities on campus throughout the year. By attending such events, you can have the opportunity to get to know world-famous writers, academics, business people, professional managers, statesmen and artists.

Offtown Festival, Sabancı University's most broad-based entertainment sports, culture, art, and entertainment event, is held with the support of performance clubs and under the leadership of the festival committee, which is composed entirely of students.

Instagram: offtownfestival