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Sexual Harassment Policy Statement

Sabancı University is committed to providing a positive learning, working and living environment for all individuals. Being subject to non-consensual sexual advances and violence could be traumatic on the victim and impact an individual's academic and professional life as well as physical well-being. Sexual harassment and assault are not only a violation of rights, but a criminal offense. Institutional environments where hierarchical relations are the norm coerce victims of harassment into silence, which may be harmful to both the victim and the institution. Therefore, all members of Sabancı University know and accept that no tolerance will be shown to sexual harassment under any circumstance.

Sabancı University guarantees that sexual harassment and assault shall not be ignored in any way, and encourages individuals who suspect that they have become subject or witness to sexual harassment to speak up. Sabancı University also undertakes to create awareness of sexual harassment, offer stakeholders measures and support mechanisms against harassment, inform everyone about disciplinary procedures, and follow up on sexual harassment cases.

Please refer to the associated websites and brochures for the complete Sabancı University Principle Document for Preventing and Providing Support against Sexual Harassment, procedures and frequently asked questions. .