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Information Center

Information Center, as a service department of Sabancı University established with the aim of becoming a "world university", conducted its foundation activities between 1997-1998 and it opened its gates to the users and started to render service in 1999 with the initiation of academic studies in the university.

Information Center supports education and research programs of Sabancı University and functions as a catalyzer in the studies, and tries to ensure that users access to the most accurate information within the shortest time. The Center aims at meeting any information and documentation requirements of faculty members, students, employees and graduates as well as contributing to the knowledge accumulation at national and international scale. Presenting its services and means to the service of all institutions, organizations and individuals, it also helps studies and researches carried out in the world of science, industry and culture.

Information Center serves on an indoor area of 9.165 m2 in the building having a giant dome, which was designed having been inspired by Ottoman architecture. It has a capacity of 700 seats and 300,000 volumes of shelf. In the Center, there are 10 group working rooms with 82 electronically-equipped personal working carrels. The users that are the members of Sabancı University may access to the Internet with the computers and mobile devices via wireless connection and totally 480 Internet connection ports and also search terminals found in Information Center. 


Information Center

Information Center - Orta Mahalle Üniversite Caddesi No: 27 Tuzla, 34956 İstanbul