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Starting Out

After successful completion of the University Entrance Examinations, students who want to study at Sabancı University choose the faculties without declaring majors. Undergraduate education at Sabancı University begins with the Foundations Development Program – the core of the Sabancı educational system. Foundations Development is designed to put all students on equal footing, regardless of their background, and enable them to make informed and mature career decisions.

Our students choose their own diploma field among 11 programs without being subjected to any additional exams. They have the freedom to transfer between Engineering and Natural Sciences Programs, Arts and Social Sciences Programs, and Management Sciences Programs.

The Fundamental Development Program, which forms the core of our education system, aims to bring students from different backgrounds to equal levels and to make department choices more consciously in the light of the courses taken.

The Foundation Development Program, one of the distinguishing elements of our education system, consists of two educational steps:

  • Foundations Development Year (FDY) aims to improve communication skills and English proficiency of Sabancı students,
  • University Courses is a collection of courses from diverse disciplines that informs students about the major programs and provides different points of view.

Freedom of Program Choice


Sabancı University is the first university in Turkey to offer the freedom to choose a program. This system, which enables students to have knowledge about disciplines other than their chosen areas of specialization and to grow up as fully equipped individuals, forms the basis of the university.

Freedom to Declare Major  The Foundations Development Program