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Student Union

The Student Union is a wholly democratic student organization which is directly democratic, non-hierarchical, transparent, acting swiftly, and represents all students equally. The basic structure of the student union was determined by all university members, following an opinion survey designed by students.

The aims of Sabancı University Student Union are:

  • to contribute to the university’s progress,
  • to solve students’ problems,
  • conduct their suggestions and opinions to the relevant authorities,
  • improve students’ communication both among themselves and with establishments inside and outside the university,
  • whenever necessary, to represent the university to external institutions.

The most important body of the Student Union is the Student Assembly. All Sabancı University students are natural members of the assembly throughout their university life. The Assembly should meet regularly. For more specific processes, permanent and temporary groups are elected.

Permanent groups
Permanent groups

Permanent groups fulfil the communication of the Student Union with institutions external to the university, including other universities. They also coordinate tasks inside the university, and facilitate work through electronic environments.

Geçici gruplar
Temporary groups

Temporary groups are assigned to solve specific problems. They also represent students on different university committees in some specific areas..

The Student Union, with its specific structure, should facilitate students’ contribution to the running of the university. It responds to every type of question or suggestion, and ensures that these are reflected in campus life.

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