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Domestic Violence Prevention and Support Statement

Sabancı University strives to provide an egalitarian, healthy, safe and affirmative learning, living and working environment for all students and employees. Therefore, Sabancı University does not tolerate domestic violence and encourages all students and employees who are subject to domestic violence to take action to stop such behavior. The university activates support mechanisms to enable its students and employees to recognize domestic violence, keep violence away from their lives, and overcome its negative effects.

This document defines domestic violence and explains Sabancı University's principles and support mechanisms against domestic violence. By issuing this document, Sabancı University pledges to consider all allegations of domestic violence, ensure the victim's safety on campus, and take the steps necessary to meet the psychological needs of individuals suffering from domestic violence, including making support mechanisms available.

First and foremost, Sabancı University defines family in its widest scope and includes all types of extended-family relations that an individual regards close and considers family regardless of whether a marital relationship exists or has existed in the past, or whether there is a spouse or parent-child relationship between the parties. Violence is defined as all types of controlling, threatening or oppressive behavior that causes the victim to suffer physical, sexual, economic or psychological harm. Based on the Istanbul Convention and the definition made by the Office of the Prime Minister General Directorate of Women's Status, Sabancı University defines all types of violence, whether directly suffered or witnessed, within all types of close relationships as Domestic Violence.