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Student Resources


About Us


Student Resources provides support to students throughout the application process to graduation, offering assistance in both academic and administrative matters, as well as extra-cirrucular  student activities, clubs, and sports events.

Student Resources is located on the ground floor of the Administrative Building. Registered students can contact us through the SU ticket system, while prospective students can reach out via email at  or .


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Processes Supported by Student Resources:

University Application-Acceptance-Registration Processes
  • Application and Acceptance
  • University Registrations
  • Orientation

Semester Procedures
  • Planning

    • Course Scheduling
    • Exam Scheduling
    • Event Management and Room Reservations


  • Scholarships, Fees, and Payments

    • Student Scholarship Procedures
    • Tuition Fees and Monitoring Payments


  • Course Registrations

    • Course Registrations
    • Adding/Dropping Course


  • Intra-Semester Procedures

    • Semester Leave Procedures
    • Major Declaration
    • Double Major & Minor Applications
    • Program/Graduation Obligations
    • Course Substitution/Withdrawing from Courses
    • Student Information and Document Requests
    • Military Service Procedures


  • End-of-Semester Procedures

    • Entry of Grades
    • Calculation of End-of-Semester Results


  • Graduation Process and Diplomas
    • Graduation Application
    • Graduation and Diploma Procedures


Extra-Curricular Student Activities:
  • Student Council
  • Orientation
  • Student Clubs
  • Sports Activities
  • Extra-Curricular Achievement Incentive Awards
  • Offtown Festival

Student Resources

Office Location: Admin Building G Floor

Registered Students: Contact us through the SU ticket system
Prospect Students: or