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Before / After Arrival

Before Arrival

Be aware that students do not have to acquire a student visa to be able to register. Yet, you need to enter Turkey with a proper visa type. For some countries where there is visa exemptions, students can directly enter Turkey without a visa and apply for student residence permit right after registration. For more information about passport and visa rules, please visit the website. Have a current passport that is valid at least 60 days longer than the duration of your study period at Sabancı University.

Annual tuition fee and dormitory fee must be paid in two equal installments prior to registering for fall and spring semester. If you fail to make your payment during the dates announced on academic calendar, you will not be able to finalize your registration:

Pre-Payment for Undergrad Applications:

If you have received your acceptance letter and if you certainly have decided on registering Sabancı University, it is compulsory to make the deposit payment. Deposit is necessary to confirm your seat in total student quota of forthcoming academic year. For the deposit amount, contact the university. The deposit amount will be deducted from your first semester tuition fee installment. During the deposit payment, you should not forget to add the application number, your name and surname on the explanation part of the bank receipt. The bank receipt should be submitted to Student Resources along with the “Admission Reply Form”. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable if you retract your admission. Information about tuition fee payment details and bank information will be sent along with the admission package in order to make the payments."

Once you send your pre-payment and receive your final acceptance letter, you will be informed about online dorm application towards the end of August. You are expected to fill the dorm application form within given dates. Results of placements are announced on Students Information System (SIS). Students may check their room assignments made by Housing Services on the student information system ( International students are allowed to move in a week in advance of terms start to be able to join the orientation week.

University registration information, Orientation details and English Language exam guidance will be sent to you via email by the Student Resources. Please do not forget to check your emails regularly.

Please check academic calendar.


As part of registration rules and regulations, all international undergraduate students are required to submit their High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate (Denklik Belgesi) together with other registration documents.

*Equivalency certificate: The equivalency certificate verifies that your high school diploma / certificate is equivalent to those obtained in Turkey. If you have a Turkish high school diploma, you are not required to submit this document.

The High School Diploma Equivalency can be obtained before arrival in some countries where there is an Education Attaché at the Consulate / Embassy of the Republic of Turkey. However, please bear in mind that since not every Turkish consulate issues the Equivalency Certificate, it is important to check with the consulate in the specific country. If the Education Attaché at the Consulate provides this service, you should make sure that you obtain your equivalence certificate before arriving in Turkey, and provide it during registration.

Students can also obtain the Equivalency Certificate from the Provincial Director of National Education in Istanbul by applying with their high school diploma / transcripts and graduation exam results (with requirements varying from country to country); but evaluation process takes longer in Istanbul and your university registration will not be completed until you submit the equivalency certificate to the University.

  • Please bear in mind that students who receive an equivalency certificate rejection are not allowed to legally register to any university in Turkey.
  • Rules and regulations regarding the equivalency certificate are subject to change by the Turkish Ministry of Education.
  • Applying for the equivalency certificate is solely the student’s responsibility. The International Relations Office can guide you through the process, if you have any questions.

It is better and easier for you to apply for the certificate of the equivalence while you are in your country. Please click here to see the list of the educational attachés in your country. If there is an educational attaché where you live, we recommend that you contact the attaché in your country by phone or mail prior to your application. You may need to take an appointment and get information in advance. You can find the required document list below. After receiving the equivalency certificate, you should deliver all the original documents as soon as possible to the Student Resources to complete your registration.

If there is not an Educational Attaché in your home country or if you have not taken your certificate of the equivalence, you should apply for the certificate as soon as you arrive to Turkey. You must make an online application, upload your documents and make an appointment from the Provincial Directorate of National Education in order to apply for the equivalence certificate.

Here are the steps to obtain the equivalency certificate in Turkey by online application.

  1. Please click here to make an online application Note: You cannot make an online application while you are abroad.
  2. Enter your personal information. Make sure you enter a valid Turkish mobile number, as the appointment will be sent to your phone via SMS.
  3. After entering personal information please upload the required documents below.
  4. Select the Equivalency Center: If you are in Istanbul, select Provincial Directorate of National Education (İstanbul İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü)
  5. The provincial national education directorate in Turkey is located in Sultanahmet District, İstanbul. Please click here to see the location of the Provincial Directorate of National Education.
  6. Select an Appointment Date: After selecting the appointment date, the system will generate a Registration Number. Take a screenshot of the page and write down the registration number. Print it out if possible.
  7. After completing your online application, please be prepared with all the original documents, and go in person to the equivalency center on your appointment date.
  8. The staff at the equivalence center will return the documents to you after verifying the authenticity of your documents.
  9. After your documents are verified, you will be able to check your application result by entering the Registration number on the online application system and then will able to download your “Equivalency certificate” .pdf file to your computer.
  10. After downloading your result .pdf file, please send it to 
  • Application form. Download from here. Fill out the application form. PDF version is here.
  • Passport ID page copy, Passport Entry-Exit Pages copies.
  • Diploma or document that states that the applicants are entitled to receive a diploma - With apostille, in the absence of apostille, approved by the ministry of education, the ministry of foreign affairs, or the embassy.
    (These documents must be completely uploaded in a way that approval / seal will appear clear. Otherwise, the equivalence procedures will be cancelled during the application.
  • Cambridge, IB diploma, Matura, Baccalaureate etc. must be attested by by the ministry of education, the ministry of foreign affairs, or the embassy.
  • Transcripts (must cover ALL high school years and must be stamped by Ministry of Education or Foreign Affairs or by the embassy.

Note 1: For Apostille Convention Signatory countries (see list here): your high school diploma and transcripts must be apostilled (mandatory according to Turkish Ministry of Education regulations). For countries who are not Apostille Convention Signatories: your high school diploma and transcripts must be approved/stamped by the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign affairs or the embassy.

Note 2: The notarized translation of the diploma and the transcripts is required only when the documents are not in one of the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • German
  • French

Note 3: Students who have completed the A- and O-level track for the GCE (British Education System) must fulfil one of the following options:

  • Two A-Levels, One AS-Level and Two O-levels
  • Three A-Levels and One O-Level
  • Two A-Levels and Three O-Levels

Additional Documents:

  • Identity card/passport of the mother/father for those under the age of 18,
  • Original and approved translation (if necessary) of the parental consent letter, university pre-registration document/student certificate for applicants who are under the age of 18 and will register in the university,
  • Original and approved translation of the custody document, proving that the letter was written by the parent who has custody for the student for those whose parents got divorced.
  • If there is a change in the surname in the education certificate and identity card/passport due to reasons such as marriage or divorce, the marriage certificate and/or identity register copy must be uploaded to the system.

After Arrival

In order to enroll at Sabancı University, you must submit the required documents to Student Resources Department within the stated dates in the Academic Calendar. If, for any reason, you fail to complete the process within the required period, you may lose your enrollment right to Sabancı University.

For more informaiton check the Student Resources website.

To learn more about ELAE please check following website or contact with School of Languages via

Every year the week before the start of classes is the international student orientation week, for both graduates and undergraduates. The orientation schedule will be shared with all admitted students after the admission period completes.

During the orientation week students are assisted with legal matters, registration procedures, and settling in at the dormitories. There are also presentations that bring the students up to date with various aspects of their lives in Sabanci University.

Sabancı University wireless is the University’s campus-wide wireless network permitting secure and convenient network access in campus buildings. It offers secure access and encrypting user data over the wireless airwaves.In order to connect to a wireless network at Sabancı University, you will receive an e-mail from the Information Technology (IT) unit with a SU-net username and password. You will receive your SU-net username and password after enrollment at Sabancı University.

Fore more information click here.

Wired Network Connection

In order to connect to a wired network at Sabancı University you must do a MAC address registration. You also need to connect to a wired network in your dorm rooms. From the following link, you can find how to register your laptop to a wired network:

Course Registration

In Fall and Spring semesters, you are responsible to make your course registrations via web using Information System (IS) in person after fulfilling all the requirements of the University (tuition and new technology usage fee, University Center debts, any damage to laptops).You should follow the steps below in course registrations: Course registrations can be done via web using IS within the dates announced in the academic calendar (within the dates stated in the Course Registrations announcement). Information System Course Registrations can guide you during your course registrations. For course registrations, you must fulfill all the abovelisted requirements. The courses that you will be registered to should be determined according to the program you wish to graduate and should be finalized by taking your academic advisor's view before registration. Upon the completion of course registration, you have to make sure that you have registered all the courses you want and check your schedule for any error messages.

Course Add-drops

You can add-drop courses during the dates stated in the academic calendar. You can add/drop courses during the second week, following the beginning of classes in fall and spring terms. In this process, which is called the add drop process for courses, you are required to make such modifications personally by getting the feedback of your advisor. Any add-drop processes after this period are subject to the approval of the Faculty Administrative Board provided that your request is reasonable. In summer term add-drop process is not carried out.

For more information:

The tax number is necessary for important payments and processes, such as the residence permit fee, opening a bank account, or registering your mobile phones. Once you receive your residence permit card, you will have your foreign ID number on it. You can use your foreign ID number for all legal issues; however, until you receive it, the tax number is the ID number you will be using. Thus, you have start with obtaining a tax number upon your arrival.

There are two ways to acquire a tax number:

  • Online Application: Visit the official web page of Tax Office at Click on the Application for Non-Citizen’s Potential Tax Number button on the bottom of the page. The application form has English explanations, and it requires you to upload your passport ID scan. The system will give you a Tax ID number once you submit the form. Please enable cookies and pop-ups on your browser since your Tax ID number will be given to you as an official letter in a PDF format. If you cannot obtain an online tax number, you must visit the nearest tax office in person.
  • In-person application: You need to visit a Tax office with your original passport and its copy.

See below the addresses of the Tax offices:

  • Yakacık Tax Office: Hürriyet Mahallesi Yakacık D-100 Kuzey Yanyol Caddesi No: 47/A-B Kartal ISTANBUL
  • Kadıköy Tax Office: Osmanağa, Halitağa Caddesi No:19, Kadıköy ISTANBUL

Note: If you already have a tax number or Foreign ID Number you do not have to get a Tax Number again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send your tax number to , and

Please follow the guides below to carry out your online residence permit application.

Please follow the guides below to carry out your online residence permit renewal application.

Opening a Bank Account

The Campus branch of Akbank is located on the first floor of the University Center. ATMs are located on the first floor of University Center and D-2 Building. Bank hours: 8:30-12:00 and 12:30-16:45 during the week from Monday till Friday.

Please note that you don’t have to open a bank account for making your dormitory or other SU payments. You can open a bank account in Akbank which is located on campus.

Necessary documents;

  • Tax number
  • Student certificate or student identification card
  • A proof of dorm stay which can be obtained from the dorm office at the top of the health center should be submitted. If you don’t stay at the dorms, you can submit a rental agreement or an invoice with your name and address on it.
  • Passport
E-devlet Registration

E-devlet is a website offering access to all public services from a single point. You can register your IMEI Number, download your criminal record, student certificate, address document (Yerleşim Yeri Belgesi) or Müstehaklık Belgesi.

If you are an internet banking customer of a Turkish bank, you do not need to obtain an e-devlet password. You can enter the platform with your internet banking credentials. Once you enter the e-devlet website, you will see an internet banking option to enter the platform. Select that option, choose your bank and proceed. Otherwise, you do need an e-devlet password. To get your password, you have to visit a PTT branch (post office) with your active Turkish cell phone, passport and residence permit card. For the e-devlet website, click here.

Cell Phone Registration

If you have brought your own mobile phone to Turkey, you must register it within 120 days (4 months) after your last entry date to Turkey. If you do not do it, your phone will be blocked by the end of 120 days.

You will need to submit your residence permit card during the phone registration. If you register without a residence permit card, your phone will be blocked after 6 months. In order to register your phone to the system, first you need to pay mobile phone registration fee (currently 6.091 Turkish Liras). You can pay your fee via online banking, by going to the nearest tax office or to any bank branch.

The nearest tax office to our campus is Yakacık Tax Office: Address: Hürriyet Mahallesi Yakacık D-100 Kuzey Yanyol Cad. No: 47/A-B Kartal/İSTANBUL)

Whether you pay your fee online or in person, you will be asked to provide IMEI number of your mobile phone.

If you do not know the device’s IMEI number, you can learn it by dialing these digits: *#06#

After you learn your IMEI number, please write it down to a paper. Paying the registration fee does not mean registering the phone. Do not forget to login to the e-government portal ( ) and register your phone.

PS: As the cost of registering your phone is almost equal to a new phone cost, we suggest buying a new phone instead of going through all these bureaucratic process.

How Do I Access the E-Government Portal?

You can login to the e-government portal with your online banking account. If you are unable to reach your online banking account, you can go to the any PTT office and get an e-government password with your residence permit card.


After entering you must click the button ‘Sisteme Giriş’ in the right upper corner. You are required to enter ‘T.C. Kimlik No’, which is your YKN (Foreign ID number), and ‘E-devlet şifresi’, which is your password. When you are signed in, your name appears on the right upper corner. To log off, click on ‘Güvenli çıkış’.

In order to start the registration procedure choose ‘IMEI kaydet’ ( and fill in the required information (mobile phone number, the device’s IMEI number, details of the ID document you used for your entry to Turkey, date of entry)

Alternatively, you can go to a Turkish mobile operator company store in order to register your phone. Mobile companies may charge service fee for the registration. Still, make sure that you have registration receipt with correct IMEI information.

If the registration is carried out via the e-government portal, no documents need to be submitted. The applicant’s declaration is taken as basis and the data control is performed electronically.

For Which Devices is Registration Compulsory?

All devices containing a SIM card are subjected to the compulsory registration. For example, if you want to use the SIM card (use via the GSM network) in an iPad brought to Turkey from abroad, the IMEI has to be registered or else the functions of the device related to the SIM card cannot be used through our country’s operators.


  • Please note that you need a Tax Number to be able to register your cell phone.
  • Apart from tax offices, banks also accept payment of the registration fee.
  • The receipt must contain the IMEI number of the device to be registered and the passport holder’s name and surname.
  • If you make your cell phone registration without your residence permit card, you can use your cell phone just on one phone number that you buy during the registration.
  • Only one cell phone can be registered during 2 years.
  • You must make your cell phone registration in person. If you buy a cell phone in Turkey, you do not have to make a cell phone registration.

For Degree-Seeking Students

All students (except Exchange students) can benefit from the Aksigorta Private Health Care Services, upon referral by the SU Health Center physician.

If you are an undergraduate or grad student (not an Exchange student), please click here and get information about Aksigorta and SGK.

Undergraduate, master and doctorate students need to be referred from health center doctor in admission to outpatient clinics, for their private insurance coverage.

For any student's admission to inpatient clinics ( surgery...etc. ) at any hospital, no referral is needed.

For the insurance cover and detailed information please visit the health center website for the details or contact

For Exchange Students

Sabancı University provides a health insurance only for degree-seeking students. If you are an Exchange student, you should submit a valid health insurance to be able to get the residence permit.

The IRO (International Relations Office) can suggest you companies or you can find a well-known company to get a health insurance, such as AON, Allianz, Aksigorta etc... Just make sure that it is an appropriate health insurance for the residence permit as requested.

A comprehensive health insurance must cover the below-given points and these points must be clearly articulated in the health insurance plan/agreement:

THE MINIMUM COVERAGE TABLEContracted Institutions*Non- Contracted Institutions  
Annual Minimum LimitContributionsAnnual Minimum LimitContributions 
Outpatient Diagnosis Treatment2.000. -TL

Insured: 40%

Company: 60%


Insured: 40 %

Company: 60%

Inpatient Diagnosis TreatmentUnlimited

Insured: 0 %

Company: 100%


Insured: 20%

Company: 80%

*Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions.) do not have an agreement with the insurer    

The insurance document must include the below statement: (please make sure your health insurance company adds this note to your health insurance document):

“ İşbu police 10.05.2016 tarihli ve 16/2016 sayılı vize ve ikamet izni taleplerinde yaptırılacak özel sağlık sigortalarına ilişkin genelgede belirlenen asgari teminat yapısını kapsamaktadır”

(The sentence above is stating that the insurance fulfills the coverage required for the student residence permit.)

Student Resources Unit (Administration Building)

Enrollment, course registration, correction of enrollment errors, student ID card, student certificate, name or address, transcripts, scholarship for current students, tuition fee payments.

Health Services

The Health Center on the 2nd floor of the Social Services Hall (D2) has a medical team on call 24/7, and has a full-equipped ambulance.

Sport Activities (Sports Center) Facilities, sports team, hall of fame, sports courses, tournaments and reservations.

CIAD (Center for Individual and Academic Development ) will inform you organize a buddy program to support you. You are matched with local students who can offer additional information about the Sabancı University community, academics and cultural information. CIAD will inform you about the contact information of your buddy, before your arrival.

Student ID Card

After the enrollment, you will receive a Student ID card. Thiscard will be used not only for identification purposes, but also to benefit from campus facilities, such as Information Center services, transportation, cafeteria, sports center, photocopy and printer facilities etc. For further information please click here.

Istanbul Card

For low-cost public transportation in Turkey, you can apply for a Student Istanbul Card. In order to apply for this card you need have your YOK number which is written on your student certificate and given by the Student Resources Office. Then you need to visit the closest İstanbul Card branch with your student certificate, passport, 1 biometric photo and some cash.

For more information click here.

Student Certificate

Student Certificate is an official document stating that you are currently registered student at Sabancı University. Students may request a certificate through the Document Request Form on Student Resources web site. After your online request, student certificate is prepared in two working days.