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Residence Permit - First Application for Exchange Students

Warning! If you are abroad, you cannot apply for the residence permit! An application can only be made after entering Turkey and registering at the university. It is not possible to make it outside the country. 

Be aware that this information is the summary of previously gained experience. Every student has to read the Immigration Office official web page and follow the updates about Law on Foreigners and International Protection, as regulations might change frequently: 

Exchange Students enrolled in an academic program in Turkey for 3 months or longer are obliged to acquire a short-term residence permit as per the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. The Short-term Residence Permit gives you the right to stay in Turkey during your study period. All exchange students, regardless of their status, are required to apply for the Short-term Residence permit within a month upon their arrival in Turkey. To do this, you need to make an online residence permit application and submit your files. However, do not worry; we will guide you through the process. It is your responsibility to prepare all the documents listed below and submit them to the Immigration Office on time! As IRO, we are only responsible for checking that your documents are complete and in the correct order and giving you a correct guideline 

You must complete the following documents right after the registration and submit your hard copy application file to the Immigration Office on your appointment date. If you do not provide all the documents on time, then Immigration Office might reject your application and deport you from the country.

Important Notes:

  • Turkish citizens / blue cardholders do not need to get a residence permit. 
  • Please enter Turkey with your passport, not an ID card. If you enter Turkey with an ID card, you can not get a residence permit. 
  • Students cannot leave Turkey before obtaining the residence permit document. 
  • Students are responsible for prolonging their residence permit according their study period, if needed. 
  • Residence applications made from abroad are invalid. Students wishing to apply for the residence permit or to extend the duration of the residence permit must be in Turkey. 
  • Students’ passports must be valid at least 60 days beyond the requested ending date of residence permit (i.e. if a student wants to have a residence permit which expires on June 30th, his/ her passport must be valid until August 29th). Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months minimum. 
  • After collecting all the necessary documents, you can bring them to the IRO to show your documents. After we review your paperwork, we will give you back your file during our meeting. Then you have to submit your file to the Immigration Office you have chosen on your online application form. As IRO, we are physically on campus 3 days on the weekdays to support you during the application process. For this reason, we kindly ask you to bring your documents to us via online or face-to-face meeting with us. To meet with us on other working days, send an email to
  • For the IRO document check step, please select a date and time from this page before you go to the Immigration Office.




Warning! If you are abroad, you cannot apply for the residence permit!

  • You can only use e-mail addresses with the following domain names for e-residence application: "gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail, yandex" 
  • It is necessary to upload your biometric head-shot in ICAO standards taken within the last six months to the form. Please have your head-shot photograph in the JPEG version available on your computer. 
  • Download the online application guide below and follow the steps carefully. If you face any problems, contact for technical support.

Click here to make online application. 

Immigration office locations

You can make the payment online by the below instructions:

  • Visit //
  • Click on the “Harç ve Değerli Kağıt Bedeli Ödeme” button.
  • Click on the “Göç İdaresi İkamet Tezkeresi Harç Ödeme” button.
  • Type the Tahakkuk no (Accrue no) into the “Başvuru Numarası” box and then the verification code as seen below in the “Güvenlik Kodu” box.
  • Your accrue no is indicated in your residence permit online application form, 1st page.
  • Please make sure you allow cookies and popups for this webpage to be able to download the receipt.
  • Please download and print out the receipt once you are done with the payment.
  • Please note that you should pay only the card fee (356₺).

If you cannot pay online: 

You must first obtain a tax ID number and then pay it via either Tax Office, Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank, or Vakıf Bank with the 9207-reference code. Click here to get your tax number. If you already have a residence card before, you can use the old residence card number as a tax number. If you are below 18, you are not authorized to pay the card fee for your-self. Therefore, you may ask for a relative or a friend of yours to pay your card fee in your name with your tax ID number. Please note that the payment of the card fee must be in your name with your tax ID number. 

See below the addresses of the Tax offices:

  • Yakacık Tax Office: Hürriyet Mahallesi Yakacık D-100 Kuzey Yanyol Caddesi No: 47/A-B Kartal ISTANBUL 
  • Kadıköy Tax Office: Osmanağa, Halitağa Caddesi No:19, Kadıköy ISTANBUL

Make sure to have 356 TL cash with you when you go to pay. The personnel might not be able to speak English. Therefore, you can bring this message to anyone, and they will help you: 

“Merhaba! Ben SABANCI Universitesinden geliyorum. Yabanci Uyrukluyum. İkamet kart ücreti ödemeye geldim. Yardiminiz icin tesekkurler.” (Hello! I study at SABANCI University and am a foreigner. I came here to pay my residence card fee. Thank you for your help in advance.) 

If you pay your residence card fee via bank please make sure you have a stamp on the receipt. If not, please ask for a stamp (in TR.: Makbuza mühür basar mısınız?) 

Never throw away the original payment document as you have to submit it with other documents, keep the original document. Otherwise you have to pay again.

You must obtain a valid health insurance along with other documents to be able to get the residence permit. After arriving in Istanbul, please visit any Turkish health insurance agency with your passport and obtain a "Health insurance for foreigners" ( in Turkish "YABANCILAR İÇİN SAĞLIK SİGORTASI" ) policy issued for at least 1 year. The document must be issued in Turkish by the Turkish insurance company. Otherwise, your residence application will be rejected. 

The IRO (International Relations Office) can suggest you companies or you can find a well-known company to get a health insurance, such as AON, Allianz, Nippon, Aksigorta etc... Just make sure that it is an appropriate health insurance for the residence permit as requested. 

A comprehensive health insurance must cover the below-given points and these points must be clearly articulated in the health insurance plan/agreement:

THE MINIMUM COVERAGE TABLEContracted Institutions *Non- Contracted Institutions 
Annual Minimum LimitContributions    Annual Minimum Limit    Contributions
Outpatient Diagnosis Treatmen2.000. -TL

Insured: 40% 

Company: 60%


Insured: 40 % 

Company: 60%

Inpatient Diagnosis TreatmentUnlimited

Insured: 0 % 

Company: 100%


Insured: 20% 

Company: 80%


*Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions.) do not have an agreement with the insurer

The insurance document must include the below statement: (please make sure your health insurance company adds this note to your health insurance document):

“ İşbu police 10.05.2016 tarihli ve 16/2016 sayılı vize ve ikamet izni taleplerinde yaptırılacak özel sağlık sigortalarına ilişkin genelgede belirlenen asgari teminat yapısını kapsamaktadır”

(The sentence above is stating that the insurance fulfills the coverage required for the student residence permit.)

Required Documents for the Short-Term Residence Permit Application

  • The Original Receipt of Residence Permit Card Payment (356 TL)
  • The printout of the residence application document. Do not forget to sign the signature section on the application document.
  • The printout of your Passport ID page
  • The printout of your Passport Last Entry Stamp Page of Turkey
  • If exists, Visa Page or e-Visa copy
  • 4 Biometric photos: Full face, front view with a plain white background, taken within 6 months. ( minimum 4 x 6 cm in size).
  • Student Certificate. (Obtain this document from the Student Resources. Make sure that your study period and end date at Sabancı University are written on your student certificate.)
  • Student Transcript - You can download it from bannerweb or e-devlet or you can send email to (If you are here for the first time at Sabancı, it is not needed.)
  • Health Insurance Document. You should submit a valid health insurance to be able to get the residence permit. Health insurance document must be obtained from Turkish insurance agencies in Istanbul and it's language must be Turkish
  • The Health Insurance Compliance Document, filled and signed by the applicant Download here. (Sample form here. )
  • Address Certificate. Download here. After printing out the document, fill it out with your handwriting.

After collecting all the necessary documents, you should bring them to the IRO within 5 days. After we review your paperwork, we will give you back your documents in a folder during our meeting. Then you have to submit your folder to the Immigration Office you have chosen on your online application form. 

For the IRO document check step, please select a date and time from this page before you go to the Immigration Office. 

As IRO, we are physically on campus on Wednesday-Thursday-Friday between 09.00-16:30 to support you during the application process. For this reason, we kindly ask you to show your documents via online or face-to-face meeting with us. You can also send an email to Our office location: Room 1168, 1st Floor, Sabancı Business School at the Campus.

DaysOur ServicesOffice Hours
Wednesday-Thursday-FridayOffice days09:00-16:30
Monday to FridayEmail Support: irolegal@sabanciuniv.eduYour emails are answered within 48 hours.
Monday to Friday0216 483 93 9708:45 - 17:00 Call Support
Immigration Office Call CenterFrom Turkey: 157
From Abroad: +90 312 157 11 22
7 / 24


An SMS or email message regarding your application will be sent to you by the Immigration Office within 7-10 days after you have made your online application. Please make sure you receive this message. If you do not receive this message within 7 days, it may mean that there is a technical problem. Therefore, you can check your application date for the Immigration Office by regularly following the information at the last two steps Here. Do not forget that you have to submit your file to the Immigration Office on the given date and time to you!

Once the Immigration Office goes over your files and approves your application file, the confirmation SMS confirming your application will be sent to your mobile phone and your residence permit card will be posted to your contact address under your name. 

Be aware that Immigration Office might ask for some extra documents depending on your situation. Please be aware that tracking your residence permit card during the posting process is fully your responsibility. 

You can see the result on this page only after the evaluation of the immigration authority. Login to the system by entering your mobile number or your e-mail address and passport number that you used in the application along with your application number. If your application has been evaluated positively or negatively, this information will appear on the screen. If your application is approved, click on the "post tracking" link on the same page to find out the printing status of your card. If your card has not been printed yet, the barcode number will give an error. If it is printed, you can follow the delivery stage of your card according to the barcode number. 

The evaluation takes up to 90 days depending on the file. After receiving your card, don't forget to email a copy to