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Transfer Student with GPA

2024-2025 Academic Year Fall Term

Transfer applications to Sabancı University from other universities are evaluated by the relevant Faculty Boards upon the pre-evaluation of the Commision within the scope of the rules determined by Sabanci University and the quota, in compliance with "Instruction Letter for the Transfer among the Higher Education Institutions at the Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree Programs and the Rules for Double Major, Minor and Credit Transfer between Institutions" published by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK). 

Application date

  • Online applications must be completed by TBA, with all documents completed in full.
  • Applications will close at 17.00 on TBA.
  • Interviews for applicants, who meet application requirements, will be held on 28 July 2023; and the applicants to be admitted to the programs will be decided after the Faculty Administrative Board evaluates the application documents.

General Rules for the Application Requirements:

  1. YOK Equivalency: For the applications made from abroad; the institution, that the applicant will leave, have to be among the institutions of which equivalency is recognized by YOK.
  2. Program Equivalency: Institution and the program which the candidate are to leave should be the equivalent of the Undergraduate Programs of SU.
  3. Term: Students who had completed first two semester of the undergraduate diploma programs can apply. Last two semester of the diploma programs can not be applied.
  4. Grade Point Average : Applicants must possess a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 60 out of 100 or 2.29 out of 4.00. Candidates, applying from the universities implementing the grading system other than x out of 4.00 or 100, should submit an official document explaining the grading system and conversion table for the grades.
  5. To Be Registered: Applicants must be registered in the current higher education institution as a student.
  6. English Proficiency: The students certifying that they have passed one of the national and/or international foreign language examinations at a level determined by the university (**) and the ones who have graduated from a higher education institutions where the medium of instruction is English are exempted from English Language exam. Applicants, who do not meet these criteria, are required to be successfull in the English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE) held by Sabancı University, to be able to start to study in the program.(**) Exams and Scores for Foundation Development Year Exemption
  7. Education Period: The total periods required to complete the program and those formerly passed must not exceed the maximum education period of 14 terms.
  8. OSYM Score: For students with Turkish citizenship, who are registered in a university abraod; it is required to meet ranking condition stated in OSYS guidebook for the related year for applications to Faculty of Engineering and Natual Sciences. For Management Programs and Arts and Social Sciences Programs, it is required to have an equal or above central placement score from the relevant score type in the year that the student took OSYS/YKS exam, than the minimum required score for the equivalent diploma programs in Turkey to the program that the student intend to transfer.

Application Documents

All documents must be offically prepared in English or Turkish languages. It is necessary to attach the Turkish or English notarized translations besides the original documents prepared in other languages.

  1. Application Form and Application Fee

Please click for the Application Form

TBA application fee must be paid to the the account of which details will be sent to you with an e-mail right after you submit the application.

Application fee is non-refundable.

Whether the applicants will be placed in a program or not will be determined according to the number of the semesters and credits.

  1. The Certificates of Examination Results

There must be a copy of OSYS certificate (indicating the score and the higher education institution placed) used for the admittance to the institution the applicants are to leave for the applicants from domestic universities, including higher education institutions in KKTC and those mentioned in the OSYM guide; OSYM certificate showing obtained scores from all score types is also required.

Applicants who are registered in a higher education institution abroad are required to meet the conditions in the Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide.

For T.C. nationals registered abroad; OSYS certificate (Student Pleacement Exam) and OSYM certificate showing obtained scores from all score types is also required.

In order to be able to transfer from a higher education institution abroad to a program in our country for which success ranking is required;

a) In the year a student starts his/her higher education, the university he/she is registered in must be in the first four hundredth percentile in the world rankings determined by the ranking institutions based on the Higher Education Council and meet the term/class and success requirements,

b) In case of being registered in a university other than the first four hundred percentile;

1.Those who have completed their secondary education in Turkey must take the central placement exam and meet the requirement of success ranking in the relevant score type of the program for which the success ranking is required as of the registration year,

2.Those who have completed at least the last two years of their secondary education abroad must have successfully passed at least four semesters of the diploma program they are enrolled in excluding the preparatory year.

It is required for the international applicants or the ones who complete entire high school education outside of Turkey, to submit one of the exam or diplomas stated in the list

  1. Transcript

An official document, demonstrating all courses, grades, and GPA's, issued by Student Affairs Office of the higher education institution the applicant is enrolled in. If the grading table is not on the transcript, an official letter explaining the grading system must also be submitted along with the transcript.

For international applications; those who have completed at least two years of their secondary education in an institution abroad must also submit their high school transcripts (report card).

  1. Detailed Description and Contents of The Courses

There must be documents with the contents and detailed descriptions of the courses indicated on the candidate's transcript. It will be useful for the overseas applicants to attach catalogs giving information about the foreign institutions or documents like these. It is required for each course which is succesfully passed. Courses which are found equivalent by the Faculty Administrative Board will be substituted with their grade.

  1. English Proficiency Exam Result
  • The document certifying that the student has passed one of the national and/or international foreign language examinations at a level determined by the university (*)
  • An official document indicating the program's education language prepared by the Student Affairs Office of the university the applicant is enrolled in (for the institutions of which medium of instruciton is fully English). If the information is indicated on the transcript, no additional document is required.

(*) Exams and Scores for Foundation Development Year Exemption

  1. Student Certificate

The document demonstrating that the applicant is a student of the institution, prepared by the Student Affairs Office of the university the applicant is registered in.

  1. Certificate of Disciplinary Standing

The document indicating the disciplinary standing for the domestic applicants prepared by the Student Affairs Office of the university that the applicant is registered in.

  1. Letter of Recommendation

It is not mandatory; can be submitted optionally.Minimum 2, preferably 3 letters of recommendation

Recommendation Letter

  1. High School Diploma

High school diploma copy attested by the university, for the applicants graduated from a high school in Turkey

For the applicants graduated from overseas high schools, it is required to attach notarized Turkish translations of their high school diploma and diploma equivalency certificate obtained from Turkish Ministry of Education, along with the high school diploma

  1. The Passport Pages

Those pages with photo and identification information and approved notarized photocopies of the pages related to the years of education in the foreign higher education institutions for the overseas applicants.

The Document of Return from Abroad

The official writing indicating the state of the applicants whose parents have returned to Turkey upon completion of their offical duty or their working lives abroad.

  1. Copies of certificates, courses, internships, sports competitions with rewards taken before.

Which of the courses taken before to be substituted; and which course will be substituted with which one will be indicated in the Faculty Administrative Board resolution, after the transfer application is accepted.

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