BIO 301 Introduction to Molecular Biology Select Term:
Introduction to Molecular Biology is a detailed introduction to basic mechanisms of molecular biology and genetics. Starting from genomic information and genome organization, DNA structure, packaging to chromosomes, replication of genetic material and its fidelity, mechanisms to repair and recombination of DNA will be discussed in the lecture. RNA structure, mechanisms of DNA transcription to RNA, transcriptional control mechanisms and transcription factors will be studied in detail. RNA to protein translation mechanisms and ribosome structure will be dissected. Protein stability, protein degradation echanisms, role of miRNAs and RNA stability on gene expression will be discussed. A general introduction to programmed cell death mechanims will be presented.The lab course is practical course on principle techniques for production of recombinant proteins in bacteria and animal cells. Lab work will involve utilisation of molecular cloning techniques to produce a particular gene product. Recombinant plasmids carrying either single gene or that for a fusion protein will be constructed and used to transform E. coli, and the gene products will be isolated and characterized.
SU Credits : 4.000
ECTS Credit : 7.000
Prerequisite :
Undergraduate level BIO 321 Minimum Grade of D
Corequisite :
BIO 301L