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The MA Program in Turkish Studies defines itself as a gateway-graduate program that is designed to bring together interdisciplinary expertise on a wide range of topics about Turkey in the past and present. The program trains the next generation of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners by equipping them with the necessary skills to understand, analyze, evaluate, and design policies in the key areas of constitutionalism, democracy and electoral politics; foreign policy and global governance; energy, environment (the global warming and the climate change); cities; economy, gender, migration, religion, identities and society.

The graduate curriculum couples interdisciplinary theoretical knowledge about Turkish history, society and politics with rigorous training on the state-of-the-art methodologies and novel approaches in Digital Humanities.

The program provides graduate students with the necessary knowhow and skills to find career opportunities in outstanding academic institutions as well as outside academia, in the public and private sectors, companies, and organizations in Turkey and abroad. For candidates who are interested in further specialization in academic research, the program provides strong foundations in history, sociology and political science.

The core components of the program include a flexible structure to allow students to specialize according to their needs and interests in diverse fields, methodological focus on one or more discipline; internship and research assistantship opportunities in the renowned centers, forums and labs of Sabancı University, including the Sakıp Sabancı Center for Turkish Studies at Columbia University.


Course Category Min. ECTS Credits Min. SU Credits Min. Courses
Master Thesis - - 1
Required Courses - 9 6
Core Electives I - 3 1
Core Electives II - 9 3
Free Electives - 6 2
Total 137 27 13

Master Thesis

An original thesis of around 70 pages on a previously submitted and approved topic is called for.

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     TS 599 Master Thesis 30 0 FASS

Required Courses

The following courses are all required.

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     GR 555S Academic Writing for Graduate Students 7 0 FASS
     POLS 553 Current Issues in Turkish Politics 10 3 FASS
     TS 500 MA Pro-seminar 5 0 FASS
     TS 550 Social Change in Turkey 10 3 FASS
     TS 551 Turkish Studies and History: Debates and Topics 10 3 FASS
     TS 590 Internship 5 0 FASS

Core Electives I

Students have to choose at least 1 course from this pool considering their prospective research area. Extra courses taken from this pool are counted towards the Core Elective II degree requirements.
  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     CULT 503 Cultural Analysis Workshop 10 3 FASS
     HIST 512 Trends, Debates, Historians II 10 3 FASS
     POLS 529 Methods and Scope of Political Analysis 10 3 FASS
     TS 520 Digital Humanities 10 3 FASS

Core Electives II

Students have to choose at least 3 courses from this pool. Extra courses taken from this pool are counted towards the Free Elective degree requirements.
  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     CULT 553 Spaces of Migration 10 3 FASS
     CULT 555 Urban Spaces and Cultures 10 3 FASS
     CULT 593 Thematic Approaches to Contemporary Turkish Culture 10 3 FASS
     ECON 526 Political Economy of Turkey 10 3 FASS
     GEN 544 Gender and Sexuality in Turkey 10 3 FASS
     HIST 585 Minority Questions in Contemporary Turkey 10 3 FASS
     HIST 589 From Empire to Republic : Turkish Nationalism and the Nation-State 10 3 FASS
     POLS 504 Turkish Social and Political Thought 10 3 FASS
     POLS 510 Comparative Politics 10 3 FASS
     POLS 550 Turkish Politics 10 3 FASS
     POLS 555 Turkish Foreign Policy 10 3 FASS
     POLS 557 The Politics of Authoritarian Regimes: 10 3 FASS
     POLS 565 Rise and Fall of Democracy 10 3 FASS
     POLS 580 Political Economy 10 3 FASS
     SOC 508 Religion and Politics 10 3 FASS
     SOC 525 Power, Economy, and Society 10 3 FASS
     TS 509 Ottoman Intellectuals in the Long-nineteenth Century 10 3 FASS
     TS 515 Ottoman and Turkish Legal History 10 3 FASS
     TS 521 Economic History of Turkey 10 3 FASS
     TS 552 The Founding Generations: The Young Turks, The Unionists and The Kemalists 10 3 FASS
     TS 555 Cultural Heritage in Turkey 10 3 FASS

Free Electives

6 SU credits from FASS graduate courses catalog, subject to program coordinator' s approval.

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**Courses in more than one areas are listed in the area according to order of appearence in Summary of Degree Requirements list. That is, if a course is both area elective and core elective,then it is listed in core elective courses list.

***Undergraduate courses are not listed in graduate area requirements even if they are among them.

****Since graduation requirements may change dependent to the enrollment year to the University, we advise our students who enrolled at SU in previous years and still continue their education, to track their graduation requirements completion via Information System - Degree Evaluation.