President's Messages

09.02.2022 - 2021-2022 SpringSemester

Dear Students,

We are planning to start the Spring Semester on 28 February 2022, with the hybrid education model on campus. Aside from a small number of exceptions, we anticipate offering our courses in person, face-to-face in the classrooms, and also broadcast the courses simultaneously online. The health precautions and measures (such as wearing masks indoors and distancing rules in common areas) that we are all familiar with from Fall will continue throughout the Spring Semester.

As in Fall Semester, all students staying in dormitories must complete their vaccines. We expect those students who haven't yet received the booster shuts to do so as soon as possible.

All students will also be subject to a rapid antigen test on their arrival on campus.

Looking forward to seeing you all back on campus...

Yusuf Leblebici

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