President's Messages

Dear SU Students,

We all miss being together on campus in this period, which had to start online due to current conditions. Under any circumstance, you will be provided with education matching Sabancı University standards. I would like you to know that all of us, faculty members and administrative staff, are putting all the effort to ensure this. Although we are going through times we are not so used to, experiences and knowledge we collected during Spring and Summer terms will be useful for all of us. We may still face some challenges during this period, which we will overcome together, working hard and in solidarity.

The pandemic we face brings various complications that are not limited to health. Since last Spring, we are working hard to address the needs of our students which are caused by this special period. Scholarships based on yearly success or need have been our usual practice for a very long time. The number of need-based scholarships have been increased in this period. Additional support has been provided to many of our students during Spring and Summer terms.

Most recently, in our message dated September 17, we asked our students who face difficulties due to continuation of online education to contact us via su_info@sabanciuniv.edu for their situation to be evaluated. All requests that we received have been evaluated, and the process has been finished with mostly positive answers.

Wishing all of you a successful and healthy new academic year...

Yusuf Leblebici

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