President's Messages

2020-2021 Fall Semester

Dear Sabancı University Students,

In my last message to you on September 8, 2020, I shared the information that all of our courses will be delivered online, with the exception of few practice courses which cannot be transferred to digital medium and hence will be physically held. In Fall 2020-21 semester, a limited number of Visual Arts courses that require studio environment will be given in-person. All other courses and practices (labs and studios) will be delivered online. Information about the physical courses will be shared by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences on mySU.

Labs and other practices will be delivered in the best possible way, using all the possibilities of online environment. Moreover, arrangements will be made to allow you to experience the physical aspects of these practices in-person, when you are back to the University.

Undergraduate Dormitory buildings on campus will be closed during the Fall semester. We are in communication with a small number of undergraduate students, who are currently on campus, concerning the arrangements for their return back home.

As I shared before, the work of our graduate students which require the use of campus facilities will be arranged by the relevant Faculties and Professors.

We are all saddened by the fact that we cannot implement the plans and preparations made in Summer months for the hybrid education on campus. All of these plans will constitute the basis for the scenarios the University will work on in the coming months. We added new technologies to already existing infrastructure on campus in the last couple of months in preparation to hybrid education. We are prepared to provide you the best education under any circumstance. I would like to emphasize that the quality of education you will experience will continue to be world-class, as always. You can be sure that the quality and the scope of education will be commensurate with the level and prestige of the Sabancı University diploma you will receive at the end of your education. You will be joining the successful community of Sabancı University graduates in the end, with the same qualifications.

I would like to remind that our priority in this process is the health of our students and their loved ones, and we will be with you, as always, in the new academic year. Just as we supported our students, who contacted us with hardships they experienced during the Summer School, we will continue our support for those of you who have problems caused by the continuation of education online. I would like our students, who experience problems due to online education in the fall semester, to contact us via su_info@sabanciuniv.edu so that their situation can be assessed.

I have full confidence that Sabancı University and its students will be among those who best adapt to the conditions caused by difficult times we are experiencing.

With My Best Wishes,
Yusuf Leblebici

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