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Campus Rules for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

  1. It will be obligatory to wear a mask continuously and appropriately in all the indoor and outdoor spaces on our campus. The only exception to this rule is when you eat and drink. For our collective health, it will be a duty for each and every one of us to remind and warn others who do not wear a mask or do not wear it appropriately. There will be mask stations in different spots on the campus where students and staff members will be able to dispose of their used masks and get new ones.
  2. It is essential to keep a social distance in all indoor and outdoor spaces (including outdoor galleries between buildings, classrooms, amphitheaters, laboratories, offices and hallways).
  3. Ventilation systems in all the buildings have been completely renewed, air filters have been replaced and the systems have been set for maximum clean air intake from outdoors. Nevertheless, we should always remember to respect social distancing rules in all indoor spaces. The maximum capacity of all the indoor spaces, including classrooms, amphitheaters and offices, has been set to permit a social distance between the occupants.
  4. Air quality in classrooms, amphitheaters, laboratories etc. is continuously measured and monitored. A warning message will be given when an air quality deterioration is detected in any space.
  5. Cameras, sound systems and tablets are available in our classrooms and amphitheaters. This way, as we shared with you earlier, a large portion of our courses will be held in classrooms (face-to-face) and it will be possible to follow such lectures both in-class and simultaneously online out of the classroom. Physical participation will be expected in studio classes and laboratories. Physical participation will also be expected for in-class sessions of the Foundation Development Year (English preparation) courses. As we previously informed you, midterm and final exams are planned to be held face-to-face on campus. Details about the ways the courses are taught will be shared with you this week.
  6. To secure social distancing in the classrooms, all or some of our courses may be delivered with physical participation on a rotational basis (a group of students attending physically in the classroom for a week, and the other group of students the following week; students who do not physically attend follow the courses online). Further information about on this will be shared with you prior to the beginning of classes.
  7. Recitation sessions will be held online (with a few exceptions).
  8. Study spaces have been prepared on the campus for the use of students who follow courses and recitation sessions online. Congestion and air quality in these study rooms are continuously monitored.
  9. Seating plans in venues such as the cafeteria have been carefully arranged to achieve social distancing.
  10. All the entries to and exits from the campus will be monitored and people will be permitted to the campus only after it has been verified that they fulfill the vaccination/testing conditions.
  11. A separate dormitory building has been allocated to monitor students who stay in the dormitories with a positive COVID test result so that they can remain under the supervision of the Health Center.
  12. We will request an agreement in “digital domain” from all our students, which states that they will abide by the health measures on the campus.