Internal Academic Activity

The Sabancı University (SU) Internal Academic Activity (IAA) Fund provides support to academic activities such as seminars, workshops, short-term courses, and conferences planned by Sabancı University in association with other institutions and/or sponsors. It covers the application, support and management processes of seminars, workshops, short courses, conferences and other academic activities supported by the Sabancı University Internal Academic Activity Fund or by other institutions or sponsors in partnership with the IAA Fund. All academic and administrative employees or Sabancı University may apply for Internal Academic Activity funding. Support may be provided to no more than two events in the same calendar year. Preferably, the event should be held on Sabancı University campus or at a location close to the Sabancı University campus, and be open to all Sabancı University members.

It is a priority for Sabancı University that its faculty and other members take part in the organization of national and international events that will increase the visibility of Sabancı University and set an example to its pioneering role in higher education. It is of particular importance that graduate students attend these events to help them meet distinguished figures in their areas of study and benefit from their experiences.

Application for IAA funding must be made no earlier than one year and no later than one month prior to the planned date of the event. Once received by the Research Project Development Office, submissions are assessed according to the IAA policy.

Please contact the Research Project Development Office (PDO) for more information.