Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the university located?
How can I make my application?
What should I do if I cannot upload all my documents to the online application system?
How long does the evaluation process take?
Can I send additional documents after I have submitted my application?
Can I change the program I applied to primarily?
How can I know if I am able to apply as an international student?
What are the admission eligibility requirements of the university?

Do I need to take the SAT?

Do you accept Super score for the SAT exam?

If I do not have my final transcript yet, can I still apply?

Can I still apply with my high school diploma if I do not have the SAT or a similar exam score?
Do you require recommendation letters / statement of purpose?
Do you accept extracurricular certificates?
Do I need to take the TOEFL?
Do you accept the Best Score for the TOEFL exam?
Can I provide TOEFL after sometime?
What is the ELEA?
When does the ELEA take place for the newly coming students?
Can I practice for the ELEA?
What happens if I fail in the ELEA?
How will I register for the ELEA?
Do you accept the IELTS?
What is Equivalence Certificate (Denklik Belgesi)?
How can I get Equivalence Certificate (Denklik Belgesi)?
Can I apply and register without Equivalence Certificate?
What is the tuition fee?
Will my tuition fee increase during my study?
Do you offer need-based scholarships?
Do I have to make a scholarship application in addition to my application?
What is the scholarship policy of the university?
Can international students get scholarships?
What are the available scholarship percentages?
Are there any specific requirements for available scholarships?
When will I learn of my scholarship offer?
How long will my scholarship be valid?
What does the scholarship cover?
Are meals included in the dormitory scholarship?
Do you offer Sports Scholarships?
If I apply through an agency, does it increase my chance to get a scholarship?
Does a Conditional Offer include a scholarship offer?
The acceptance letter does not have the department I applied to written on it. Is something wrong?
How do I inform the university about my decision regarding the offer?
Can I request an increase in my scholarship offer?
Can I get an extension on the deadline to make my admission decision?
How am I supposed to make the prepayment? How much is the prepayment?
Will the pre-payment be subtracted from my tuition fee?
Will you refund my prepayment if I decide not to come for registration?
Once I make the prepayment, when will I receive my final acceptance letter?
What should I do after I have finished the admission reply process and made my prepayment?
Can the university help me to get a visa?
What are the dorm fees?
What types of dorm rooms are available?
Does dormitory fees cover meals, too?
Do I have to apply for a dorm even if I have a dorm scholarship?
How can I apply for a dorm?
When will I hear of my dormitory placement?
When can I move into the dorm?
Is there a deposit payment for the dorm?
When do I get my dorm deposit back?
When should I come to the University for Registrations?
If my age is under 18, can I register by myself?
Will the university help me to get a student residence permit?
How can I get to the university from the airports in Istanbul?
Do you have shuttles to campus? Where can I find the shuttle stops and timetables?
Will I get support from IRO (International Relations Office) for the airport transportation for the first time arrival?
Can I work part-time during my studies in Turkey?