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Scholarships for Prospective Students

How to Earn a Scholarship in Sabancı University?

There is always a possibility of earning scholarships for international students in Sabancı University. Every international candidate who applies to Sabanci University is evaluated for a scholarship when they fulfill the application requirements. However, please keep in mind that there are limited numbers of scholarships in all levels and competition is very keen. Thus, certain scores do not guarantee specific scholarship levels. After you complete your application, our scholarships committee will evaluate your application and respond you back. Additionally, please note that there is a chance to request scholarships when you complete at least two semesters in SU with outstanding grades.

Undergraduate Scholarships For Prospective Students

Please note that your academic background, reference letters, exam results, transcripts, interview results and any document showing your academic success such as prizes in the competitions, any Olympiad certificates will be considered by the Scholarship Committee. Therefore, you should not miss out uploading these types of documents. Scholarship committee reserves the rights to request additional documents and/or conditions from prospective students. Once you are granted a scholarship during the admittance, it goes on for your whole education unless you fail to meet the criteria of the scholarship.

100% Tuition 0 USD + Dorm Fee
75% Tuition 4500 USD + Dorm Fee
50% Tuition 9000 USD + Dorm Fee
25% Tuition 13500 USD + Dorm Fee
Free accomodation only for 4 people rooms 18000 USD

Please see the scholarship opportunities: While filling out the application form, you can fill in the related area to demonstrate that you would like to be considered for a scholarship. All applicants are automatically evaluated for scholarship support even if they do not fill this section. Early Applications: Please note that early applicants will have a priority for scholarship committee and more likely to earn a scholarship. Please see the application deadlines.

State Scholarships

Azerbaijan Government Scholarship
Azerbaijan SOCAR Scholarship
Iraq Government Scholarships
Oman MOHE Scholarships
Libya Government Scholarships
Pakistan HEC Scholarships
Qatar Government Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships For Current SU Students

If you have an undergraduate acceptance but, could not earn a scholarship, that does not mean that you have to continue your all education without a scholarship. In Sabancı University any undergraduate student who completed first year of the courses successfully can apply for a scholarship for the second year.

Undergraduate Scholarships For Current Sabancı University Students

Graduate Scholarships:

For graduate scholarships, your academic background (Previous BA, GPA scores, reference letters etc.) and your test results (GMAT / GRE Results etc.) are evaluated in accordance with the required criteria during the admittance and if you are considered to be eligible, various types of scholarships are granted with the decision of Sabancı University Scholarship Committee. For graduate scholarships, there are several opportunities for foreign students. Each year, many students are having different type of scholarships. Lastly, please note that the faculty you applied is authorized unit to respond your scholarship request. Therefore, we kindly suggest you to contact with the faculty of any kind of special request

Please see below the faculty based scholarship opportunities: