University Courses

Required undergraduate University Courses provide one of the foundations of our University's unique curriculum design. These courses are devised with an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to establish correlations between the science and social science disciplines as well as the fields within these areas. The goals of University Courses are

  • to provide students with innovative and indepth perspectives of the world, their country, their society, and themselves
  • to equip students not only with fundamental knowledge but with the tools of independent and critical thinking
  • to facilitate an informed and mature decision making process for the choice of a major and career field.

In the first two semesters of their first year, students take courses that

  • focus on examples of free thought in the history of society and in the world-- Humanity and Society
  • study the bridge between today and yesterday by looking at the progress of Ottoman and Turkish societies until the establishment of the Modern Turkey--Principles of Atatürk and the History of the Turkish Revolution
  • examine the language of 19th and 20th Century Ottoman and Turkish literary texts--Turkish
  • depict physics, chemistry, and biology in a holistic frame--Science and Nature
  • introduce the culture of numbers and numerical thinking--Mathematics
  • enhance communication, critical thinking, public speaking and writing skills --English.

In the second year, Major Works  focuses on the culturally signifcant works of literature and visual art, while in the third year, Law and Ethics examines the concept of law and ethics in relationship to everyday dilemmas and moral choices.

University Courses are required in order to graduate from an undergradutate program.

These courses need to be taken during the assigned semester.

  • Exemption from ENG 101, ENG 102 and MATH 101: Students who fulfill the requirements outlined here are entitled to exemption.
  • All undergraduates  must complete university course requirements shown on the web pages of their degree programs.
  • Students are required to take two of the HUM coded University Courses. In cases where students take more than two of these courses, two of them will be counted as University Course and the others as elective.
  • For registration to courses with pre-requisites;
    All the pre-requisite should be completed OR the consent of the course instructor should be obtained.