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Transfer from the Universities in Ukraine

Transfer from the Universities in Ukraine

Special student conditions of students coming from Ukraine will be carried out according to the principles announced by the Higher Education Council.


Applications, evaluations and registrations will be carried out according to the schedule below.

Quota Announcement Date11 April 2022
Transfer Application Dates11-15 April 2022
Announcement of Results20 April 2022
Permanent Student Registration Dates21-22 April 2022
Substitute Student Announcement Date23 April 2022
Substitute Student Registration Date25 April 2022

Online applications and all required documents need to be completed until 15 April 2022, 17.00 (Turkish Time). If accepted students register, they will be on leave for the 2021-2022 Academic Year Spring Term. 

They will continue their education in the 2022-2023 Academic Year Fall Term. There is no scholarship opportunity for transfer. Required Documents for Application All documents must be official documents prepared in Turkish or English. 

Notarized Turkish or English translations of documents prepared in different languages must be submitted along with the original copies.

1. Application Form and Application Fee:

Click for the application form.

675 TL application fee must be paid in line with the information in the email you will receive after completing the application. Application fee is non-refundable.

2. Exam Result:

Exam result in accordance with the conditions determined by YÖK (Turkish Higher Education Council)

3. Transcript:

Official document prepared by the Registrar's Office of the university in which the applicant is registered, showing all courses taken, grades and grade point averages. If there is no explanatory information about the student evaluation system (grading system) in the transcript, an approved document containing this information must be uploaded.

4. Detailed Course Description and Content Information:

Documents containing detailed descriptions of the courses and content/curriculum/syllabus information specified in the applicant's transcript. Required for each successful course. Courses found to be equivalent to university courses by the Faculty Administrative Board will be counted with its grade. In applications made from university abroad, it is useful to upload a catalog or similar documents introducing the institution.

5. English Proficiency:

A document showing that the applicants are successful in one of the national and/or international foreign language exams accepted as equivalent by the university, at the level determined by the university,

(*) English proficiency exams and scores for exemption

Under the conditions determined by YÖK, applicants who cannot meet the English proficiency requirement do not have the right to study at the preparatory level (Foundation Development Year), except for applications made to the Foundation Development Year.

6. Student Certificate:

A document prepared by the Registrar's Office of the university in which the applicant is registered, showing that the applicant is still a registered student of the university at the time of application. An explanation on the transcript is also accepted.

7. High School Diploma:

High school diploma of graduates from high schools in Turkey.

For applicants who graduated from high schools out of Turkey, additionally notarized Turkish translations of high school diplomas and High School Diploma Equivalency documents obtained from the Ministry of Education are required.

8. Passport Pages:

Applicant’s passport page with their pictures and identification information and the notarized pages which shows the entry and exit stamps of the applicant throughout their education in the related university/institution.

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