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Summer School Special Student

Students who students enrolled at universities other than Sabancı University can apply to the courses offered by Sabancı University to participate as special students.

  • To be registered as a student in a higher education institution to be able to take a course from undergraduate level,
  • To be able to take a course from graduate level, it is necessary to be a student enrolled in a master, doctorate or proficiency in art program in a higher education institution,

Approval for special student application cannot be considered as the approval of any diploma programs. Transcript on which courses registered and course grades are printed can be given on demand to special students.

Admission Requirements:

1. Application Form: Personal and academic information and course requests are filled in, and photo of the student is sealed in this form. Application Form should be signed by the Instructor(s) of the relevant course(s). Please click here for Application Form.

2. Transcript: Students enrolled in other universities should receive transcript from their universities.

3. Approval from the enrolled faculty or graduate school department directorate: Official approval letter of the council of enrolled faculty for undergraduate students; official approval letter of the department directorate of enrolled graduate school for graduate students .

4. Bank Receipt: The bank receipt showing the payment of the application fee 675 TL for special students to Akbank Sabancı University Branch (Branch Code:713) account number 30727 ( IBAN NO: TR87 0004 6007 1388 8000 0307 27 ). Application fee is paid only once for the related semester and it is non-refundable.

5. English Proficiency Exam Result:

  • For the applicants studying in a program of which medium of instruction is Turkish; a document showing that the applicants are successful in one of the national and/or international foreign language exams accepted as equivalent by the university, at the level determined by the university,
  • For the applicants studying in a program of which medium of instruction is entirely English; an official document which indicates the language of the program, prepared by the Student Affairs of the higher education institution, preferably in a sealed envelope. If this information is specified in the transcript, no document is required.
  • Applicants who apply from the programs of which medium of instruction is not entirely English to take graduate courses must provide one of the documents in the graduate program application requirements. **

(*) For undergraduate courses: English proficiency exams and scores for exemption

(**) For graduate courses: English proficiency exams and scores for exemption

6. Student Certificate: Student certificate, taken from currently registered university, is required for students

You can see the courses offered at Sabancı University.

Special Student Application and Tution Fee

Application Fee (Akbank Sabancı University Branch -Account Number

30727 (IBAN NO: TR87 0004 6007 1388 8000 0307 27) )

675 TL

Tuition Fee (per course per semester) (Akbank Sabancı University Branch - Account Number 48 754 (IBAN NO:TR07 0004 6007 1388 8000 0487 54)

51.000 TL

Tution Fee Payment

Graduates of Sabancı University who are not enrolled in any diploma program at Sabancı University,and are registered at a different university fulfilling the above conditions are applied a 50% discount on the special student tuition fee per course set for undergraduate and graduate programs. Graduates can benefit from this discount for a maximum of 2 courses in Fall and Spring semesters of the same academic year and a maximum of 1 course in "Optional Summer School". Course applications of graduates are evaluated within the framework of the “quota and the special conditions” of the program related to the course.

Important Dates for 2023-2024 Academic Year

Last day of applicationJune, 28 2024
RegistrationsJuly 05, 2024
Last day to pay tuition feeJuly 05, 2024
First Day of ClassesJuly 8, 2024
Last day of classesAugust 23, 2024
Final examsAugust 24-27, 2024

Application Address:

Sabancı University, Student Recources Office 34956 Orhanli - Tuzla ISTANBUL

0 0216 483 90 93
0 216 483 90 73