Summer School

Summer School Special Student

Students who have Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate diplomas or students enrolled at universities other than Sabancı University can apply to the courses offered by Sabancı University to participate as special students. The candidates apply for special student status should firstly meet the requirements determined by the relevant Faculty/Graduate School for the level of English.

  • To be registered as a student in a higher education institution to be able to take a course from undergraduate level,
  • To be registered as a student in, or to be graduated from a higher education institution to be able to take a course from graduate level

Approval for special student application can not be considered as the approval of any diploma programs. Special students are not considered as Sabancı University student and can not benefit from the student rights.

Transcript on which courses registered and course grades are printed can be given on demand to special students.

Admission Requirements:

1. Application Form: Personal and academic information and course requests are filled in, and photo of the student is sealed in this form. Application Form should be signed by the Instructor(s) of the relevant course(s). Please click the button below for application form.

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2. Transcript: Students enrolled in other universities should receive transcript from their universities. Graduate students should receive transcript from the universities they have been graduated. Students graduated from universities other than Sabancı University should add the document regarding their graduation from the university or should add notarized photocopies of their diplomas in case the graduation dates are not indicated on their transcripts.

3. Bank Receipt: The bank receipt showing the payment of the application fee (50$ - non-refundable fee-) for special students to Akbank Sabancı University Branch (Branch Code:713) account number 30727 ( IBAN NO: TR87 0004 6007 1388 8000 0307 27 ).

4. English Proficiency Exam Result: The document certifying that the student has passed one of the national and/or international foreign language examinations at a level determined by the university ( Please click for the details) or an official document indicating the program's education language prepared by the Student Affairs Office of the university the applicant is enrolled in(preferably enclosed) (for the fully English teaching institution) for undergraduate courses.

* Applicants are required to fill out the application form and obtain signatures from the instructors of the courses they want to register (To get approval, please call instructors in advance.) Approval of program coordinator is also required for graduate courses.

Special Student Application and Tution Fee

Fall and Spring Term

Application Fee

(Akbank Sabancı University Branch -Account Number 30727 (IBAN NO: TR87 0004 6007 1388 8000 0307 27)


Tuition Fee (per course per semester)

(Akbank Sabancı University Branch - Account Number 48 754 (IBAN NO:TR07 0004 6007 1388 8000 0487 54)


Tution Fee Payment

Cash payments are done at any branch of Akbank via ATS system to 0815 coded Sabancı University account. The clerk will enter your student number to the system and will charge you the amount displayed.

PACKAGE 1 (One course fee without accommodation)

PACKAGE 1 (One course fee without accommodation)

(One course fee without accommodation)

Important Dates for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Last day of application

June, 02 2017


June, 16 2017

Last day to pay tuition fee

June, 16 2017

First Day of Classes

June, 28 2017

Last day of classes

August 18, 2017

Final exams

August 19-21 2017

Application Address:

Sabancı University, Student Recources Office 34956 Orhanli - Tuzla ISTANBUL

+90 (216) 483 90 93

+90 (216) 483 90 73