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There are three main scholarship groups at Sabancı University. In order to be qualified for education with a scholarship, codes for related scholarship programs should be specified in the choice form and placed to these programs by OSYM. In OSYM guide there will be different codes for scholarship and non-scholarship quota for each program. These quotas specify the number of students, which will be placed with as Full Scholarship, Half Scholarship, Quarter Scholarship and Non Scholarship. Besides other scholarships below will be awarded to students, placed by Full Scholarship and Half Scholarship, who would cover expected conditions.

These scholarships are not available for foreign students Foreign students enrolled at Sabancı University can benefit from Scholarship Oppotunities Offered During Education Period.

Scholarships are unreciprocal and continue until normal education period without cut off. Scholarship durations can not be extended. Scholarships are unrequited and continue for the normal education period they also include the period of Foundations Development Year.

For detailed information you can visit our Scholarship Page and simply check out the Scholarship Document