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The Research and Graduate Policy Directorate (RGP) supports the development of strategic objectives in research and the implementation of policies with a view towards encouraging the conversion of scientific and technological developments to social and economic benefit, and the advancement of research activities and innovative ventures.


Project ManagementIndustry CooperationIndustrial Property and Commercialization

The Research Project Management Office provides management support to all grant and contract projects where Sabancı University undertakes commitments in all processes involved, from kick-off to project conclusion.

We provide services for finding the right industry partner and preparing project proposals for activities intended to increase Technology Readiness Levels, integrate into the industry, and convert into economic value. Industry cooperation processes are regulated by the "Private Sector Research Cooperation Process Management Policy". 

Industry cooperation is necessary to ensure the integration of technologies developed by universities in the industry, and to facilitate their conversion to economic value.  The Industry Cooperation and Technology Licensing Office (ILO) is responsible for finding the appropriate industrial partner, preparing cooperation proposals, and managing the project development process.

ILO experts consult faculty members and researchers personally to determine the readiness levels of the technologies they work on. ILO experts and faculty members work together to structure the industry cooperation needed to achieve the targeted readiness level. These activities facilitate the adaptation of the technology to industry and assist with licensing efforts.

Services include preliminary research for inventions by Sabancı University researchers, assessment and patent applications for inventions, and commercialization of technologies developed by Sabancı researchers through patent transers/licensing or starting industrial property-based spinoff companies. These processes are carried out by the Industry Cooperation and Technology Licensing Office in accordance with the Sabancı University Industrial Property Rights Management and Commercialization Policy.

Invention declarations:

The evaluation process begins with our researchers submitting their project outputs to ILO accompanied by an invention declaration. You can obtain this form on mySU.

Invention evaluation:

After the invention is declared, the results of the preliminary patent research and market survey performed by ILO specialists are shared with the applicants and the Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Council (IPEC) members. Following a presentation by inventors to IPEC members, it is decided whether the university will provide patent application support for the invention in question. This commission consists of the Research and Graduate Policy Director, Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM) Director, Industry Cooperation and Technology Licensing Office (ILO) Manager, Industrial Property and Licensing specialists, Inovent A.Ş. Manager, and other non-affiliated experts that may be consulted as necessary. 

Patent application management:

All procedures regarding the patent application will be carried out by ILO. Applications are made in the name of Sabancı University. We may consult the Technology Assessment Council members during the national selection process for patent applications. TAC consists of experts not affiliated with the University. Please click here to view the technologies in our patent portfolio. PATENTLER VE TEKNOLOJİLER linkine gidecek.


We assist in the commercialization of technologies in our patent portfolio through patent transers/licensing or starting industrial property-based spinoff companies. We cooperate with İNOVENT AŞ for this process and consult members of the TAC for commercialization issues as necessary. Please click here to view the technologies in our patent portfolio.