NS 101 Science of Nature I Select Term:
Observing and understanding the workings of nature(comrising the physical universe and living organisms)is fundamental to contemporary civilization.Technology begins with some understanding of how nature works.The natural sciences also provide a most versatile method of using the human intellect Instead of separate gateways to physics,chemistry of biology the science of Nature courses at Sabancı Unıversity propose to selectively introduce some of the basic concepts of our knowledge of nature;to look at natural laws in their interconnectivity ;and to initiate an experience of the way science operates,sharing the method of scientific thinking with students.What are the ideas in science that would be most interesting,enjoyable or useful to know for any,college graduate?How do we probe a scientific question in practise? What constitutes an answer?What are some of the answers that we have -or don't have as yet?How do Newton's Laws of Motion work?What does it mean to have an electric or magnetic field in a vacuum?What is there in the universe?What happens when a system in equilibrium is slightly perturbed?What determines the size and structure of an atom?Why is there a Periodic Table?How does a chemical reaction proceed?What are some of the important molecules in living organisms,and how do they work?What is the structure of DNA and the mechanism of heredity?How do we analyze and determine symmetrical structures in nature,or the structures of molecules and crystals?How do populations of living things interact and change?What is biological evolution?What are the basic mechanisms for the emergence,evolution or extinction of species?What questions make up the current frontiers of science? Emphasis in the science of Nature courses will not be on conveying secondary fragments of knowledge,but on conveying to all students in both Faculties an overall sense of the way science looks at the world,at new problems and at new subjects,while making sure that students who way want to specialize in engineering or the natural sciences are equipped with the basic concepts and skills necessary for future work.Computer simulations are an integral part of the course ,requiring student interaction ,participation and feedback.This is complemented by hands -on laboratory experiments that will be important for highlighting pitfalls in the way of actual (as opposed to virtual)practice.In the last analysis,science is common sense; it is ''easy'' as common sense is easy;and it discovers a surprising display of beauty in nature.
SU Credits : 4.000
ECTS Credit : 6.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : NS 101