TUR 403 Advanced Readings in Turkish for Foreigners I Select Term:
This course aims at students' understanding of modern Turkish texts, namely short stories, poems, articles, essays, and theses written from 1910s up to the present. Building on the language skills acquired in intermediate level Turkish grammar courses, the course will help students improve their reading and writing skills in Turkish. Readings will cover topics in modern Turkish language, history, literature, society, and politics, and will support students' actual research in Turkish Studies or related fields. Assignments will include: reading of the daily course material; translations from and into Turkish; response papers and essays written in Turkish; work on vocabulary concentration and work on colloquial, idiomatic, and technical phrases.
SU Credits : 5.000
ECTS Credit : 10.000
Prerequisite :
Undergraduate level TUR 202 Minimum Grade of D
Corequisite : -