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TLL 001 Communication Skills in Turkish
Communication Skills in Turkish is a two-semester course for the students of Foundation Development Year students, which aims at the improvement of students' academic thinking and writing skills through the mastery of Turkish. The main objectives are to display the interconnectedness of the skills such as critical thinking, reading, writing, listening and speaking; to teach practical techniques for a more effective use of these skills; to orientate students towards a critical and analytical use of the language through an efficient perception and practice of multi-layered nature of academic work(research, pre-writing preparations, drafting, revising and rewriting); and to help students comprehend academic communication as a process of collective learning through peer evaluation tasks. Students are expected to write several essays, prepare an oral presentation, carry out peer evaluation, and engage in some listening and reading comprehension tasks throughout the course.
SU Credits : 0.000
ECTS Credit : 8.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -