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MAT 416 Biomaterials Science and Biocompatibility
Introduction to biomaterials science and biocompatibility. Structure and properties of tissues and cells. Surface properties of materials and characterization of biomaterials surfaces. Classes of materials used in medicine: Metals, polymers, hydrogels, bioresorbable materials, ceramics, glasses, composites, thin films, fabrics and biologically functional materials. Microscopic and macroscopic structure of tissue. Mechanical properties of tissue. Pathobiological responses to implants. Medical implant design and function. Application of materials in medicine and dentistry. Cardiovascular applications. Dental implants. Orthopaedic applications. Ophthalmologic applications. Sutures. Adhesives and sealants. Tissue engineering.
SU Credits : 3.000
ECTS Credit : 5.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -