MAT 395 Internship Project Select Term:
All MAT FENS students are required to complete a internship project (MAT 395) with a minimum duration of 8 weeks after 3rd year and to have a satisfactory (S) standing so as to receive their B.Sc. degrees. The main objectives of the the internship project are (i) to give the students a chance to gain first- hand working experience in an industrial setting, and technicians effectively. At the same time, the internship projects help the students' professional companies/institutions based on their interests and programs they are enrolled. At the end of the project students are required to prepare and submit a final project report and make a presentation. Students have to be enrolled in a MAT Diploma Program in order to register for this course. See the Internship Project Guideline for further details.
SU Credits : 0.000
ECTS Credit : 5.000
Prerequisite :
( Undergraduate level PROJ 102 Minimum Grade of D )
OR ( Undergraduate level PROJ 201 Minimum Grade of D )
Corequisite : -