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ENS 216 Information Systems: A Historical Perspective
This course presents an overview of historical developments in information and communication technologies during the past 150 years. The topics are: • Complex systems, partitioning a complex problem, principles of hierarchy and decomposition, applications in engineering design, • Signals – waves – transmission: basic principles of radio, analog vs. digital, continuous- time vs. discrete-time, • What is “data”?: binary representations, history of signal processing, digital signal processing in discrete-time, multiple dimensions: image processing and video processing, • Boolean logic: origin and fundamentals, how to build a basic switch: “herding” electrons, logic gates / switch networks, memory: how to “store” data?, connecting to the “cloud”: Internet fundamentals, data networks – routers – servers – data farms, • Communication – modulation – channels – noise, wireless communication: Marconi to iPhone, • Photonics: Lasers and fiber optics, semiconductor technology: 50 years of revolution, imaging and image sensors: basic principles, history of display technologies, LED, TFT, • Power / energy dissipation, energy storage: battery technologies, resources: energy and raw materials, energy policy / energy utilization and conservation, • Impact on society: how technology influences humanity, social responsibilities of scientists and engineers, looking into the future.
SU Credits : 3.000
ECTS Credit : 6.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite :