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EE 200 Electronic Circuit Implementations
In the first module, Basic Circuit Experiments such as Thevenin Equivalent Circuits, RC and RL first order circuits, Resonance Circuits/Higher order filters, Operational Amplifier Circuit, and basic radio circuit with the use of opamp, diode and RLC circuits. In the second module, DC, small-signal and frequency models of semiconductor devices such as PN diodes, BJT and MOSFETs will be included. Using these models, different circuit implementation will be executed, such as Wave Shaping Circuits (with diodes, op-amps, passives and integral/differentiator circuits), Different Configuration of Single/Multi Stage Amplifiers (CE, CC, DB, and combination of these as multistage amp., CS, CD, CG, and combinations), Oscillators (with BJTs and feedback concepts), etc. Analytical design methodologies, along with CAD tools (such as PSPICE), will also be part of the course for designing and implementing circuits.
SU Credits : 2.000
ECTS Credit : 2.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite :