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Choosing Your Destination

Deciding on Your Preferences

Numerous SU students have gone on exchange and had the experience of a lifetime. They have travelled the world, met lots of friends, developed understanding of different cultures, took interesting subjects which counted for credit back home and improved job prospects immensely, all while having lots of fun.

You can decide on where to go with the help of following tips:

  • 1. STEP : CHECK OUR PARTNERS: SU has more than 200 partner universities around the world. So ‘GO NOW’ on exchange to one of our prestigious partner institutions that we have worldwide. Please view the full list of exchange agreements.
  • 2. STEP : FREE SLOTS Eligible students can check Free Slots and Application Details for exchange programs until the application deadline. As the system is dynamic, there might be changes throughout the year. Please note that you can only select the universities on the Free Slots (remaining quota) list
  • 3. STEP : Check the course catalog of partner universities. Make sure to check the instruction language of the courses you wish to choose as well as the pre-requisities.
  • 4. STEP : Please note that students have the responsibility to: -Check the "entry requirements" of the host institution you're planning to apply for via their institutional websites. After placements there will be an application procedure and you must get an acceptance letter from the host institution you've been placed. In order to be able to get acceptance, you must fulfill "entry requirements". -Check the academic calendar to avoid time clashes.
  • 5. STEP : Read our blogs
  • 6. STEP : Contact post exchange students
  • 7. STEP : Attend one of the following * info sessions in February
  • 8. STEP : Visit IRO for more information* *If you do not have any information on exchange programs you must attend one of the mentioned info sessions before you visit our office for further information.
  • 9. STEP : Arrange a meeting with your SU Exchange Advisor (Suggestion) All candidates should contact their SU Exchange Advisor before /during the application period. Students should notify their SU Exchange Advisor about their application to exchange programs, discuss their preferred partner universities and the courses they offer. Please also discuss your graduation requirements with your Academic Advisor at your faculty.