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Information and Explicit Consent Form for the Processing of Personal Information at Sabancı University

Information and Explicit Consent Form for the Processing of Personal Information at Sabancı University

Certain personal data belonging to Sabancı University stakeholders may be processed by Sabancı University (SU), a higher education institution subject to the Higher Education Law, in its capacity as data controller in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698. The purpose and method of data processing and the transferring of data have been explained below.

Purpose of data processing:

As an institution of higher education, SU collects and processes personal data in accordance with its core purpose and in conjuction with the teaching, education and scientific research activities it carries out. The processing of personal data adheres to the Constitutional personal rights and freedoms, personal privacy, observance of law, and respect for personal values/preferences, and fulfills the requirements of Articles 5 and 6 of the PDPL by obtaining the consent of data subjects as necessary.


  • The administrative and academic functions of SU, through their administrative personnel or faculty members, collect and process personal data for the purposes of carrying out teaching and education activities, conducting measurements and performance assessments, and meeting the record-keeping requirements of the Council for Higher Education (YÖK).
  • Personal data belonging to the academic and administrative employees of SU and the employees of its contractors will be collected and processed in accordance with the purpose of SU.
  • Personal data will be processed to provide the vital needs of students, employees and short-term visitors residing in the personnel or student housing facilities of SU.
  • Personal data will be collected and processed from students residing or studying in SU facilities for providing emergency medical response, preventive care, or medical treatment.
  • To ensure adequate security, the personal data of temporary visitors to the SU campus will be processed.
  • The personal data of all participants of events, courses, development programs, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and meetings held by SU for community outreach and development will be processed.
  • The personal data of SU alumni will be processed to provide support in career planning, stay informed of alumni achievements, and create a network of alumni.
  • In order to preserve the cultural heritage of SU, all sources of information that are gained as a result of interaction with the institution will be collected, consolidated and stored by the University History Archive, and processed to support research into the teaching, education and research endeavors and social, cultural or academic activities of SU.
  • Personal data will be processed with the consent of data subjects in order to promote SU activities and reach out to prospective employees, students and faculty.

Transfer of Personal Data:

SU may share your personal data pursuant to Articles 8 and 9 of the PDPL in accordance with its teaching, education and scientific research activities:

  • Personal data may be shared with subcontractors providing temporary or continuous services to SU, as well as with third parties to the extent and purpose defined in the agreements enacted with such parties. Personal data disclosure agreements will be signed with these parties to ensure commercial and legal security and protect personal rights.
  • Personal data of university stakeholders may be shared, with their consent and to the extent necessary, for the purposes of teaching and research-oriented cooperation agreements with foreign institutions of a nature similar to SU, education programs, personnel exchange programs, countries and diplomatic missions of foreign nationals employed by SU, and in the case of joint activities.

Method of personal data collection:

Your personal data may be collected through the institutions's website, email and other communication means, during academic or administrative applications, and in written or electronic medium.

Your rights as a data owner:

PDPL Article 11 defines the rights of data owners regarding their personal information. Accordingly, real persons whose data is processed by SU are entitled to learn whether their data is processed, the content of data processed and the purpose for processing, whether data is transmitted abroad, to request deletion of data no longer necessary and/or amendment of their personal data, and to appeal against procedures that are believed to be wrongful.

For questions and requests:

You can submit your questions and requests concerning the PDPL by registered return mail or in person to the following address, or by electronically-signed secure email to Please include your identity, contact information and mailing address for us to take proper action. You will be notified of the outcome within 30 days and free of charge. If your request creates an additional cost, a fee may be collected in accordance with the tariffs imposed by the Personal Data Protection Board.

Contact and Application Address:

Sabancı Üniversitesi Orta Mahalle Üniversite Caddesi No:27 Tuzla ISTANBUL

Further reading on PDPL:

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