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Why is Sabancı University the best place for you?

As an international student in this blog post, I will briefly mention the most important differences of studying at Sabancı University from other universities. I'm sure many students have different reasons besides me. Let's take a look at the important elements that come to my mind.

1. All courses are in English

A lot of international students complain that their universities abroad do not offer a lot of courses in English, but thankfully, Sabanci University does not have that problem. Indeed, all courses offered here are in English and the professors are fluent in the language, and are excellent in their method of instruction during the courses.

2. Interdisciplinary studies at a broader level

To all new students, Sabanci University offers wonderful courses which may help you towards whichever career you decide to choose. Every year, Sabanci University adds more interesting courses to its degree programs and allows for interdisciplinary studies at a broader level than most Turkish universities and universities abroad.

3. Easy to contact your Professors

Above all, the Professors at Sabanci are very receptive to students’ needs. Whether you have missed a class due to some unexplained issue, or you wish to clear some of the points you did not understand in class, you will find it very easy to approach your Professors and request their assistance when required. Applications such as SuCourse make it easier for students to get updates from their Professors regarding course material and homework. Moreover, these apps allow students to easily contact their Professors and Teaching Assistants when necessary.

To conclude, Student-Teacher relations are a huge priority for Sabanci University and through constant surveys and other related activities, Sabanci facilitates dialogue between the two and allows the provision of quality education to all its students.

4. Dormitories are peaceful, very clean, comfortable and safe.

It has dorms with a quality above the standards. There are dormitories that are cleaned twice a week and have bathrooms in all rooms. There is a card system in the dormitories, we open our doors with our student cards, as in hotels. They are very well maintained because they are cleaned daily.

5. Exchange opportunites are extremely good!

The university is very strong in terms of Erasmus and Exchange opportunities. I do not know the exact number, but we have agreements with nearly 300 universities, you can go all over the world and study a semester. You can go to almost anywhere, whether Brazil, Chile, Korea or Australia. You can go to Singapore or Hong Kong and have a nice Asian adventure, you can go to America or Europe and have an exchange adventure there.

6. Last but not least: The Rankings!

Sabanci, according to the results of THE and QS ranking, is the best university in Turkey. And it is also among the best universities in Asia and its recognition in the world is great. Obviously a university's prestige and international success is more important than everything for me. Both the high budget allocated by the university administration for research and the high number of professors per student are effective in this. In addition, the university is supported by Sabanci Holding, one of the most powerful communiy in the region. In addition, the university has many collaborations with international industrial companies.

BONUS. We have a lake!

I don't know if you come for a lake, but I can say we have a lake. We have a lake around you where you can run, walk, take a selfie, put photos on Instagram. It contains various animals, ducks, geese, turtles, fish, and they are very cute.


Mohammad Mohsin Hussain
Political Science - 2018 Alumni