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Upon Your Return

Upon your return you will be required to submit following documents to IRO:

  • IRO Satisfactory Survey
  • Mobility Tool Participant Survey (for Erasmus+)
  • Final Report Survey
  • Boarding Pass (only who received IRO Travel Support)
  • OLS 2 (OLS1 should be completed before you leave)

Upon your return to SU you will be required to bring your confirmation of participation to IRO. This will prove that you had been enrolled at the partner institution and followed your studies within the mentioned dates. Once you get your confirmation of study signed at the partner institution please send its soft copy to

Please request your host university to send your original transcript to our address.
Sabanci University, International Relations Office
Orta Mahalle, Tuzla 34956, Istanbul, Turkey

Please note that SR will not transfer your exchange grades with the soft copy of your exchange transcript at SU. You should be in contact with international relations office of partner university until you receive the original document.

Culture shock on arrival in your host country is something that many students prepare for. You expect differences and mentally prepare for these.
“Re-entry” or “reverse” culture shock is not something that most students expect when they return home and yet this lack of expectation can make it more stressful.
It is important for you to realize that coming home can be a challenging experience. While you were away, things may have changed back home. All the “moving on” can result in your feeling a little disjointed or out of place at home.