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University Enrollment for Graduate Programs

Registration Dates:

For Spring Term:

January 30- February 01, 2024

For Fall Term:

  • EMBA, PMBA, PBAN, MiF, MiM, ETM-NT, CYSEC-NT, IT-NT, DA-NT, DT-NT, mART-NT: September 05-07, 2023
  • For with thesis master programs and doctorate programs, MBA: September 12-14, 2023

Please click for Required Documents for Registration


To be able to register to the university below processes has to be completed.
1- You need to create your username and password from “
2- You must log in to Student Information System ( with the created username and password; and start university registration process by filling Student Information Form and uploading required documents. (Those, who have graduated from Sabancı University, do not need to create a new account).
3- It is required to deliver hard copies of some of the uploaded documents on the enrollment period . (You may reach required hard copy documents from the Required Documents and Form for University Enrollment section)
4- Please make tuition fee payment within the stated fee payment period.

Important Notes on University Enrollment Processes

  • Newly admitted graduate students are required to start their registration processes by uploading all required documents via Sabancı University Student Information System within the stated dates on Academic Calendar; and finalize it by delivering required hard copy documents to Student Resources Unit.
  • Students are required to be present in person at the university on registration dates.
  • Students who fail to start their first registration processes and to deliver required hard copy documents within the stated dates, are considered to give up their enrollment right to the University.
  • Registration of those will be invalid and be cancelled even if it is finalized, in case any alterations and missing information on the documents are determined.
  • Universities may request a health council report or health status declaration from students who will get enrolled.
  • Universities are authorized to start required legal actions towards the students who register to the university by false declarations.

Dormitory Applications

Dormitory applications are made online. Click here for information about dormitory application and fees.

  • Dormitory applications are made online.
  • Students who have earned the right to dormitory can view their allocation results at .
  • Disabled students will be placed in rooms specially allocated for them in the dormitories, without any priority order, unless there is excess demand.
  • Doctoral students have priority in single room placements.
  • Our master students may be placed in double rooms, even if their scholarship type makes them entitled to a single room, due to the insufficient capacity of the single dormitory rooms.
  • All students who want to stay in the dormitory are required to pay the deposit fee regardless of the scholarship status.

For your questions about dormitories;


Telephone: [phonel] 483 99 09/ 26 / 27/ 32/ 33/ 36/

Information on Medical Information Form

Required Tests

Students who will register to the university are required to fill health information forms from “” online.

IMPORTANT! To be able to fill Medical Information Form, you are required complete below processes:

  1. Have the following blood tests done in any private or public health institution:
  2. Hemogram (blood count), HbsAg, Anti-Hbs, Anti-Hbc IgG,Anti-Hav IgG, Anti-Measles IgG, Anti-Mumps IgG, Anti-Rubella IgG
  3. Obtain a chest X-ray.
  4. You should send your chest X-ray report and your blood test results to (Students who have graduated from Sabancı University and continue their education are also included.)

For your questions: Health Center phone numbers: 0216 483 99 48 /54/25


For your questions about visa and residence permit:


Tuition fee For Semester, Payments and Scholaraships

You may reach information on scholarships, fees and payment conditions for 2022-2023 Academic year Fall term from the link below: