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Studying a Bachelor's Degree at a Top-Ranked University

Hi, my name is Musa BAGHIROV, I was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan. Now I’m a junior student at Sabancı Business School with Management major, Finance and Business Analytics minor programs.

The road to Sabancı...

My first acquaintance started in 2015 when I was 16 years old, my family decided to send me for summer school which is organized by Sabancı University. After high school unfortunately I didn’t come to SU. I studied in one of the governmental universities in Turkey where I wasn’t happy and after first year, I decided to come to Sabancı University. Application process was quite simple and easy. After application within couple of weeks I got official acceptance letter with scholarship.

Studying in one of the Turkey’s best universities, for my mind is the first reward that should be mentioned. Sabancı creates environment for students to make their life better and unforgettable during their student period. Of course, each university's especially the one with 20 years’ experience has pros and cons. Sabancı University is in very good relationship with students to make their life as unforgettable as possible during educational period.

Studying at Top-Ranked University in Istanbul...

Sabancı Business School (SBS) is the most popular faculty in SU. Professors, tutors with educational background from US, UK and other developed countries helps to achieve our academic goals and to be raised as future’s entrepreneurs, managers and etc. Friendly relations among professors and students give opportunity to find answers to your questions even out of class hours by mail or visiting professors’ offices.

After COVID-19

During study years one of the biggest challenges happened actually during COVID-19 period. SU provided with online study program us as soon as possible to facilitate students’ situation as much as possible. Meanwhile, my situation was harder, this semester I was going to continue my study with the help of Erasmus program in Technical University of Munich for a half semester. As it’s postponed to next year, SBS faculty members and administrative staff helped me to take courses from SU and continue my study without any interruption.

Tips for prospective students

For the prospective students I would like to advice before coming SU, International Relations Office nowadays provides webinars, online Q&A to answer almost all questions in your heads. Furthermore, Sabancı University’s unique opportunity to change major during studying period gives flexibility to prospective students.


Musa Baghirov
Management, BA