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Starting university during a global pandemic

Hello, my name is Hogler. Hogler Tuwei to be precise. I am from Eldoret, Kenya. 5 years ago, I would never have thought that I could start my bachelor’s degree virtually especially as an international student. But hey, 2020 has been a year where things have taken a whirl wind.

Far from campus not far from us

Truth be told, we all have been a little bit worried about the events that have taken place this year in a global range. We have done this, knowing very well that worrying does not help in any way. Our minds have been known to wander almost half the time we are doing something else. There was a time I listened to a Ted talk by Katarina Blom and she explained in detail how happiness is just not about a matter of positive thoughts rather than the positive action itself. Why am I saying all this? I am trying to show you how Sabanci University has enabled me to be happy amidst an ongoing global pandemic and all the uncertainties that are around me. I have been able to make so many friends who feel like family, in such a short span of time. Being a black person, I was really worried about racism. However, the people from Sabanci University have been welcoming. The teachers are also kind and friendly. They put in so much effort and if you do not understand a concept during the lesson, you can reach out to them during their office hours. Sometimes schoolwork can be overwhelming but having the right support system makes everything a whole lot easier.

Being a mechatronics lover

Mathematics has always intrigued me. This is because everything in it is based on logic. It eventually became a constant part of my life and all my classmates were fully aware of that. I also enjoyed Physics and it is no surprise that I would like to pursue something along that field. Although I was raised in a family where both parents are Electrical Engineers, not once did they ever push me to do what they did. They always made us choose our paths and would support us fully to achieve our dreams and goals. Personally, I have always had the urge of combining mechanical engineering as well as electronics and not once did I ever think I would be able to find a course that incorporates both of my interests. Last year, I decided to take a leap of faith and leave out the Electrical Engineering course that I had been called to pursue here in Kenya. This is because, I came across a Mechatronics course from Sabanci University and for a moment, my heart skipped a beat. It is difficult to find universities offering Mechatronics as a course. Most of them cater for that by offering Mechanical Engineering as a course and Electrical and Electronics Engineering as a separate course.

Vital reasons to join clubs

Sabanci University also has more than fifty active student clubs. There are many vital reasons to join the clubs. I can confidently say that I am currently leaving my dream life thanks to these clubs. I usually attend the virtual Sabanci University Robotics Club meetings and I have learnt a lot regarding programming and 3D printing. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am quite obsessed with speed. I love The Flash and I am a Formula One fan. The fact that Sabanci has a motorsports club is mind blowing. Learning how to build the racing cars literally combines my passion for Physics and my love for speed. Istanbul also has a racing circuit about half an hour from the school where the Turkish Grand Prix was held this year. This is just a tip of the iceberg for I have only mentioned two clubs. I am looking forward to being on campus and to actively participate in the clubs. Regardless of your interest, you will most definitely find a club that suits you.

Studying in online enviroment

Studying in an online environment has been a lot easier than I thought. What has been the most advantageous aspect to me is the fact that I am flexible and with good time management, it is possible to tackle many tasks in such a short period of time. Sometimes, it gets tough and it is not always as easy as it seems but hey, I have the most amazing support system from Sabanci. On top of having friends, the school assigns a student to be your buddy. It also provides one with a mentor. This helps with settling and adjusting to the new system. I have been a student here for about eight weeks now, but I would already recommend the school to people out there who want to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

Sabanci University is not only diverse, but also a top ranked university in the world. It also offers a wide range of scholarships to its students. If I could turn back time and do it all over, I would not have it any different.

Hogler Chepchirchir Tuwei
Hogler Chepchirchir Tuwei