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14 April 2024 - 15 April 2024 Winter Season Program

REVISION! Transition To Shuttle Reservation System And Saw Shuttles

Dear Sabancı University Members,

Some revisions have been made in the reservation system of the new shuttles in line with the feedback. We are switching to a reservation system for shuttles as of April 16, Tuesday. After this date, reservations are required for all shuttles. Those who want to benefit from the shuttles offered on our campus must register through the online reservation system of Gürsel company.

In order to plan adequate vehicle capacities and avoid any inconveniences,

* For shuttles between 07:00 and 09:00 in the morning and after 00:00 at night, reservations must be made by 21:00 the previous day.

** 4.Levent, Kadıköy, Kurtköy, Viaport, İçmeler shuttles, reservations must be made 45 minutes before the departure time.

* SAW route trial shuttles, reservations must be made by 1.5 hours before the departure time.

* Only on shuttles between the campus and Sabiha Gökçen, passengers will not be accepted even if there is capacity in the vehicle. On all other shuttles, passengers will be accepted if there is space in the vehicle. In addition, KM18 IETT bus services were taken into consideration in planning the services.

* Shuttle reservation limit capacities are planned based on the peak usage numbers of the vehicles. In addition, reserve vehicle lists have been created that become operational in case the capacity is full. Our aim is to plan reserve vehicles early and ensure that the vehicles move on time and with sufficient capacity.

* Vehicle capacity planning will be made according to the number of reservations.

* Shuttle reservations will be made on a prepaid basis. You can cancel your reservation according to the information in the online system. We kindly request you to present your ID card to the driver when boarding the vehicle.

NEW (Trial shuttles) – SAW SHUTTLES start!

We continue to develop new solutions in order to offer a shuttle transportation network integrated with faster and more modern public transportation vehicles on our Tuzla campus. In this context, we would like to share with you a pleasing development.

In our new shuttle planning, direct transportation from our campus to Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) will start as of Tuesday, April 16, 2024. Please follow the shuttle program for departures from campus. In this way, it will now be much easier to reach Kadıköy Metro (M4) line from the airport stop, 12 different routes within Istanbul with IETT services, and approximately 6 different points with intercity buses. You can review the details on this subject at or in the Sabiha Gökçen Airport section.

Our SAW shuttles will NEVER accept passengers without a reservation at the airport entrances, in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Transport, and in these reservations, due to the obligation to register in the U-ETDS (Transportation Electronic Tracking and Control System) system, your T.R. identity number, nationality, and gender information will be requested. People are responsible for the accuracy of the information they enter into the system (T.R. Identity Number / Foreign Identity Number / Passport Number).

For arrivals to the campus, our shuttles currently operating between Kurtköy (Metro) and our campus will continue to use the same route.

Note: The shuttle program is a dynamic table. Revisions are made as necessary based on the occupancy rates on the routes.                                                                           

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