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Semester Fees and Payments

For 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring semester, 18,7896 TL rate is taken as the basis for calculating the wages and payments to be paid in USD. (The USD/TL rate is the determine at the beginning of the each period). V.A.T. is included in all fees. 

Students can make course registrations after making their tuition fees payments at the beginning of each term.

StudentYear of Admission to the UniversityPayment Dates

For FDY & Undergraduate Students

(New entrance)

Entrance Year 20221-3 Feb 2023

For FDY & Undergraduate Students


Entrance Year 2015 and before

Entrance Year 2016

Entrance Year 2017

Entrance Year 2018 and 2019

Entrance Year 2020

Entrance Year 2021

For International Undergraduate Students

1-3 Feb 2023
For Graduate Students

For Graduate Students (IT, DA, ETM-NT, CYSEC-NT, PMBA, EMBA, PBAN and MIF student excluded)

For International Graduate Students (IT, DA, ETM-NT, CYSEC-NT, PMBA, EMBA, PBAN and MIF student excluded)

1-3 Feb 2023
Executive MBA (EMBA)6-7 Feb 2023 
Professional Masters in Business Administration (PMBA)6-7 Feb 2023 
Masters in Finance (MIF)6-7 Feb 2023 
Business Analytics for Professional (PBAN)31 Jan -7 Feb 2023 
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)1-3 Feb 2023 
Information Technology (IT)24-25 Jan 2023 
Energy Technologies and Management (ETM-NT)24-25 Jan 2023 
Data Analytics (DA-NT)24-25 Jan 2023 
Cyber Security (CYSEC-NT)24-25 Jan 2023 
For All StudentsDormitory Fees2-13 Jan 2023

Important Notes

  • At the beginning of each academic year, you should check your current account and “Artı Para” limit from the Akbank branch (due to the interest of your debt left over from previous semester). Students having a negative balance because of the debts from previous semesters, cannot take advantage of the ability to pay installments in the new academic year and cash payment will be compulsory.
  • Those using the installment option via Akbank for the first time should apply in person to Akbank before the due dates for payments and sign the "Installment Payment Agreement".
    Those students who wish to benefit from installment facility should initially complete the Installment Agreement with Akbank for Sabancı University Tuition Fee Payments at any Akbank branch and the application should be approved by the bank.
  • You should make your first installment of the required semester fee by displaying name of the student to Okul Ailem Hesabı/Personal Credit Account coded 601 untill the due date.
  • Tuition fee payment should be paid in person to the 601 product coded Personal Credit Account until the last payment date announced on the academic calendar. The amount will be automatically transferred to Sabancı University account on the last payment date. If the credit limit is not enough for the payment, Akbank will complete the installment by crediting the account owner with “Artı Para”.
  • Payments made to Personal Credit Account, will be transferred automatically to university accounts by Akbank on the last dates of payments.
  • Payments for dormitories should not been done to the Personal Credit Account opened for tuition payment in installments; payments should be done in cash for dormitories at any branch of Akbank via ATS system to 7000754 coded Sabancı University account.
  • In cash payments, no EFT (Electronic funds transfer ) is done to ATS system -7000754 coded. Hovewer, you may request to be transferred the amount of the payment to the bank with instructions to be given to the branch with ATS-7000754 or you may make your cash payments online to ATS-7000754by using Internet Banking if you have Personal Internet Branch password without going to the bank.

    For this, after selecting “Ödemeler > Kurum> Eğitim-Sınav > Özel Üniversiteler and the deposit account that you want to make your payment from the menu Akbank Personal Internet Branch; selecting the university and submitting your ID number, click "Devam" button. You can make your payment for the period after displaying your debts. Hovewer, as fees collection system in the Personal Internet Branch is integrated with Akbank branch system, payments are done in the working days between 9 a.m.-5.00 p.m. Working hours for Akbank Sabancı University Branch: 9 a.m.-4.45 p.m

  • No receipt is required for tuition fee payments.
  • We would ask you to share this information with the people who will pay the fees on behalf of you.