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This Cookie Policy is valid for all web sites that belong to Sabancı University. 

What are cookies? 

The Cookies are text files which are sent to your browser and stored in your devices such as computer, tablet, mobile device etc. and include information in small sizes, when you visit a web site. The Cookies send such information back to the source web site again or to another web site which recognizes the cookies. 

Why do we use cookies?

We use the cookies for various purposes including but not limited to level up your user experience, to provide you with personalized contents which are best fit to your preferences, to monitor our own performance, to provide your security and the privacy while you are visiting our web site. 

Which cookies does Sabancı University use? 

The targeting cookies which are utilized in Sabancı University’s web site, collect information about your browser habits, recognizes that you have visited a web site and share this information with other authorities and organizations. In this manner, it enables the contents which are within your area of interest to reach out to you. Even though these cookies can follow your visits to the other web sites, since no connection is established between the collected data and your profile, they usually cannot identify who you really are. Without these cookies, you encounter with less contents within your area of interest. 

For the purposes of obtaining support on matters such as Google Analytics, user behaviors or monitoring of the web site performance, Sabancı University currently uses Google Adwords as the “Targeting Cookie”. For more information related to Google Adwords, you can visit

How can I manage and delete cookies?

Usually the web browsers are directly set up allowing usage of the cookies. Through the settings of your browser, you can restrain, avoid, delete the cookies or you can adjust your device in a manner to be alerted when cookies are sent to your device. Use of different methods may be required for different browsers; you can have detailed information from the “Help” section of your browser. 

If you access the web sites that belong to Sabancı University through different devices, you need to be sure for each device that the “cookie settings” of your browser are adjusted in accordance with your preferences. 

In case you avoid one or more cookie category, we may still continue to collect information with the current cookies however the usage of the cookies that were avoided will be ceased. 

User Agreement

By continuing to use our web site you agree placement of the cookies to your device. If you do not want the cookies to be placed in your device, please adjust the settings of your browser in accordance with your preferences. 

In case you prefer not to receive the cookies, Sabancı University does not guarantee that you can access all domains and contents of our web site, benefit from all of the services provided in our web site. Removal or deletion of the cookies may have an adverse impact on your user experience. 

You can send an e-mail to to have further information on cookies and to contact us.