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Research Project Management Office

The aim of the Research Project Management Office (PMO) is to ensure that projects are implemented in accordance with contract terms and conditions, Sabancı University project management guidelines, and the rules of the financing institution. PMO provides extensive support to enable researchers to concentrate on their work, and develops and implements value-added project management processes.


PMO is responsible for:

  • Managing research projects funded by outside sources in accordance with the funding rules of the sponsor and the project management principles of Sabancı University; 
  • Managing processes for indirect expenses and TÜBİTAK institution contributions; 
  • Preparing regular administrative and financial reports, activity, progress, closing and audit reports for projects, and other reports as may be required by third-party sponsors; 
  • Defining guidelines and methodologies for the implementation of projects where Sabancı University undertakes commitments, and preparing associated policies and procedures; 
  • Conducting visibility efforts; 
  • Developing and updating software related to project contract and budget management; 
  • Managing processes for audits as project requirements.

Projects are managed according to type of arrangement: Grant or Contract. Grants are funds provided by governments, nongovernmental organizations, and other nonprofits. Contracts are commercial projects that entail university-industry partnerships and research and development efforts. The Research Project Management Office has vast experience in the implementation of wide-scale national and international projects requiring extensive scientific and administrative expertise, both as consortium leader and as sole implementer.