Research Management

Research at Sabancı University is an interdisciplinary endeavor in the sciences, technology and arts led by Faculties, Centers and Forums.

Direction to research activities is provided by the Research and Graduate Policy Directorate (RGP), established in 2001 as a professional and unique organization.

Research management at Sabancı University is a cyclical process that has the components of planning and policy development, implementation, and monitoring and assessment.

  1. Research Planning and Policy Development covers determining research policies, targets and priorities, assessing research cooperation opportunities, planning financial support, managing incentive and support systems, managing university ranking systems, and the management of the process to determine graduate policies.
  2. Development and Implementation of Research Projects / Cooperation Opportunities covers developing and implementing opportunities for cooperation in research, implementing research projects, and the management of knowledge (technologies and others) transfer.
  3. Monitoring and Assessment of Research Outputs covers evaluating the success of research outputs as they become available, and making assessments and improvements in policies, performance and priorities.

The objective behind institutional execution of research management through RGP is to ensure the continuity of the research cycle defined by the components above as a prerequisite to being a research-focused university. In addition, the added value that the institutional organization seeks to achieve includes enabling faculty members to focus on their research subjects, finding public and private funding for projects from appropriate sources, monitoring and ensuring accountability in research-focused cooperation and project implementation processes based on targeted performance output, and improving the processes for research and the conversion of research outputs to commercial value by cooperation efforts, new ventures, investment in new knowledge, and national and international knowledge transfer opportunities.

Visit the Research and Graduate Policy Directorate page for more information on research management mechanisms, or the For Researchers, For Industry and For Entrepreneurs pages for the support offered by RGP to researchers, industrialists or entrepreneurs.