MGMT 506 Practice Development and Practicing Management Select Term:
This is a course that aims to develop a practitioner's perspective to management. It is an approach that focuses on the challenges and realities experienced by managers in the process of managing. The students will try to uncover the taken for granted assumptions, the implicit values, and the difference between espoused theories and theories in practice, potential conflicts and surprises in order to identify the determinants of practice of the managers in a specific organization. By being embedded in a specific organization throughout the semester, students will both individually and collectively experience a 'live case'. The course will expose the students to all the benefits of a case study approach yet in a real time and in an interactive manner. The background analysis that will be done before the orientation visit, the team inquiry of a specific business function, the critical examination of all the relevant functional managers practice with the whole class and observing a typical day of the chosen manager, in the same specific organization will enable the students to be part of the organization in a very meaningful and animated manner. These experiences will be discussed during class meetings and the students will be coached into being a 'reflective practitioner' through these discussions. A series of reflection papers to be written individually and within a team, will enable them to understand the broader as well as unique characteristics of practicing management in the context of the chosen company. The technique they will learn as they write the reflection papers and the comprehensive analysis of the 'live case' will help them in managing their projects in the second year of the MBA program. The students will hence learn the process of creating action knowledge by studying and sharing other manager's practice
SU Credits : 3.000
ECTS Credit : 6.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -