IT 560 Software Engineering Select Term:
This course introduces the participants to IT Project Management and Software Quality Assurance concepts. IT 560 begins with an overview of Project Lifecyles and Phasing in IT Project Management. Project Initiation, Estimation, Software Metrics and Quality Review issues are examined and highlighted with the help of examples. Software tools are used to enforce the concepts using a realistic IT Project as a case study. Software metrics and testing techniques are further emphasized to provide the necessary background to ensure software quality during the development and delivery phases of a software project. Topics include: Project Lifecycles And Phasing; Project Viability; Waterfall Approach; Project Initiation; Estimating and Metrics; Project Management Tools; Software Quality; Quality Assurance Plan; Software Quality Factors; Program Complexity Metrics and Testing Practices.
SU Credits : 3.000
ECTS Credit : 6.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -