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Our Quality Policy and Certificates

Quality Policy Sabancı University takes a "quality-oriented" management system as the basis in all its efforts in the fields of teaching, research and interaction with society. The principles of this system are:

  • Creating and developing together,
  • Stakeholder satisfaction, 
  • Aiming at high performance, 
  • Process-oriented and innovative operational management, 
  • The habit of continuous improvement based on regular review, 
  • Fulfilling the requirements of all regulatory and statutory quality standards.

The sustainability and improvement of the following headings are aimed in the quality processes of the main fields of activity, which are developed and followed up in accordance with the strategic plan. 


  • Sabancı University is a research university that aims to produce the highest level of knowledge. 
  • Outputs intended to bring solutions to interdisciplinary and global issues are aimed through the effective cooperation of faculties and research centers in focus areas. 
  • The research that is carried out is reflected to the teaching programs and makes an impact on them. 
  • As far as research activities are concerned, it is aimed to make the most of external funds, especially international and private sector funds.


  • Sabancı University aims to raise individuals who can think critically, who are multidisciplinary and multidimensional, who are highly aware of ethical values ​​and the needs of society, who have strong self-confidence and communication skills, and who can produce solutions to global issues with their competencies.
  • Sabancı University provides the best physical and digital infrastructure for teaching activities, develops pioneering and innovative teaching models. 
  • In addition to freedom of program and course selections, Sabancı University allows students to freely choose from extracurricular social and academic development opportunities, and provides means for its students to work closely with academics. 
  • In addition to providing international education and development opportunities to its students, Sabancı University aims to have an international and multicultural campus environment.

Social Impact:

  • All teaching and research activities at Sabancı University are aimed to contribute to society and humanity on a local and global scale, and to have a transformative impact. 
  • Our policy and approach in contribution to society aims to disseminate science and technology to society. 
  • Civic involvement and sense of responsibility are a part of Sabancı University culture with its students, and its entire academic and administrative staff.

Administrative excellence is aimed for the realization of teaching, research and societal interaction activities in an efficient way, necessary organizational structures are established, recruiting and maintaining the best human resources are targeted at the university for these purposes. In order to maintain and improve quality in all operations of the university and to increase the satisfaction of its members, it is essential to create the necessary financial resources, to ensure their effective use and sustainability. 

Our Quality Certificates

Sabancı University Environment, Work Health and Safety Policy 

Sabancı University is committed to being “human-focused” in every activity, and cooperates with stakeholders to implement its philosophy of being at one with nature and ensure the following regarding work health and safety:

  • Create a safe and healthy work environment; establish and monitor targets to achieve this; 
  • Be aware of the latest developments in technology to continously improve performance; 
  • Actively recover wastes and dispose of non-recoverable wastes in an environmentally sound manner; 
  • Improve awareness and instill personal accountability; 
  • Maintain a policy of proactively managing all environmental and work health and safety-related risks according to laws and other applicable standards.

Our Environmental Certificates

Our Accreditation Certificates