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Medical Registration Procedures

Prior to completing the Health Information Form online, you must:

1- Have the following blood tests done:

Hemogram (blood count), HbsAg, Anti-Hbs, Anti-Hbc IgG,Anti-Hav IgG, Anti-Measles IgG, Anti-Mumps IgG, Anti-Rubella IgG

Public or private hospitals, clinics, family health centers and private laboratories will perform these tests.

2- Obtain a chest x-ray.

Public or private hospitals, medical imaging centers and Tuberculosis Clinics have x-ray facilities.

* Test and x-ray results must not be dated later than one year.

* You must submit your chest x-ray and blood test results to the Health Desk of the university during registration.

For more information and questions about the Health Information Form:


0 (216) 483 99 23

0 (216) 483 99 18