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Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics is the design methodology of systems based on multidisciplinary engineering approaches. Most modern systems such as consumer products, manufacturing machines, or even exotic measurement devices must be designed to comply with several constraints at the same time, including complex behavior, mechanical and electronic precision, low cost, low power consumption, environmental friendliness, networked operation, smart interaction with users and work in uncertain environments. Their design requires engineers who are fluent in such disciplines as electronics, mechanics, computers, control, and other areas like optics and material science.

Mechatronics program at Sabanci University aims to educate creative individuals who can apply ideas from all such disciplines to design today's complex systems. The approach is supported by a curriculum seamlessly integrating the diverse disciplines, while being hands-on and research-oriented from the undergraduate education, utilizing our comprehensive research infrastructure used for the industrial projects and fundamental research conducted by the program members.

Advanced Mechanics of Composite Structures

Automotive Systems


Biomedical Applications

Design of Mechatronic Systems

Dynamics and Vibration

Energy Systems

Experimental and Computational Micro/Nano Fluidics and Heat Transfer

Real-Time Imaging and Machine Vision Systems

Robotics, Systems and Controls

Shape Sensing and Structural Health Monitoring

Tissue Engineering

Topology Optimization of Materials and Structures