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Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering Program at Sabancı University. Our recently founded program offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Advanced Manufacturing technologies and provides opportunities for continuing education to support our industry partners to educate and enhance their workforce. Our unique and interdisciplinary program is designed for individuals who wish to achieve competency in the effective integration of manufacturing, computing, material processing and production functions in any manufacturing enterprise.

Our faculty members come from diverse professional and academic backgrounds with expertise in Manufacturing, Mechanical, Industrial, Mechatronics and Materials Science and Engineering. Their research areas include manufacturing processes and equipment, additive manufacturing (3D printing), biomanufacturing, computer-aided design and manufacturing, integrated manufacturing systems, nano-micro manufacturing, composite and polymer manufacturing, and manufacturing and technology strategies.

The program offers excellent research environment for the students housing several advanced research centers and laboratories such as Manufacturing Research Lab, 3D Bioprinting Lab, 3D System Design & Fabrication Lab and Control, Vision and Robotics Research Lab. In addition, Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Research Center (IMC) has recently been established. The IMC is an industrial-scale research and technology development center providing facilities for fundamental and applied research activities in integrated and advanced manufacturing technologies from conceptual design to actual manufacturing of functional prototypes and products. The center also offers incubation services and commercialization opportunities.